With apologies to Steve Nash

Okay, so it seems I wasn’t the only one who was unfamiliar with his name.  But now I know who he is, and the more I learn about him, the nicer a guy he seems to be.  And the two lessons to be learned are:

1. I really should pay more attention to sports.

2. “Famous people” are only famous to those who’ve heard of their accomplishments.

I’d never heard of Steve Nash, and I’m certain he’s never heard of me.  The sports world is huge compared to the book world.  The vast majority of writers — even bestselling writers — can slip through airports and hotels in complete anonymity.  Maybe Stephen King or JK Rowling couldn’t do it, but the rest of us can comfortably live our lives as complete unknowns, which is actually a good thing.  (Except when you’re in a bookstore and you want people to know your name, darn it!)

But poor Steve Nash probably can’t walk through an airport or go out to a restaurant without someone wanting his autograph, or some photographer trying to catch him with spinach in his teeth. 

Now I too know who he is, so he’s really got to behave himself.

 And … oops, almost forgot to post this!  A photo of reader Linda McCabe with my book in Hotel Dieu, in one of my favorite cities, Paris!


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  1. knaster
    knaster says:

    Hi Tess,

    One big difference here, Tess. You can find a way to shoot a basketball through a hoop, but I dare Steve Nash to write a NY Times best selling book!

  2. Kyle K.
    Kyle K. says:

    Poor Steve… Someone should tell him he has a big market to fill in the literary world! Maybe the two of you could do cross promotions, Tess! He could wear a shirt with your book title/cover on it, and you can include one of his charities in one of your books (but try not to kill anyone!)…


  3. JD Rhoades
    JD Rhoades says:

    “’d never heard of Steve Nash, and I’m certain he’s never heard of me. ”

    Oh, you never know. Some of these guys actually do know how to read, and they spend a lot of time on the road.

    And in honor of this post, next time I see you I am going to go totally fanboy. “Oh my GOD! It’s TESS GERRITSEN! Look, honey! TESS FREAKIN’ GERRITSEN! Can I have your autograph?”

    Just you wait, Missy.

  4. joe bernstein
    joe bernstein says:

    jd-once many years ago i was working a detail at o’hare airport in the inspection area and this gentleman named richard ogorkiewicz came through and he had written some technical books i had read and i introduced myself and told him how much i enjoyed them and he was dumbstruck because he said it was the first time outside of a conference that anyone had ever recognized who he was or told him they liked his books-the agent i was working with looked at me like i had two heads,but i was already used to that

  5. therese
    therese says:

    I have to admit learning about Steve Nash has been interesting. He certainly does more than shoot a hoop through a basket. I wonder if his height helps. LOL!

    I love attending author events and last year went to Mitch Albom’s talk at a local college. I love his story about struggling to promote “Tuesday’s with Morrie” and having Oprah not only ask him on her show for a quick spot but also was thrilled to shake his hand because she loved his book.

    Which really connects us all – even famous people read. Now if only we can reach the illiterate.

  6. Joshua James
    Joshua James says:

    Steve Nash is supposed to be one of the nicest guys in the NBA and a proud Canadian . . . and the best point guard playing right now.

    Rabid NBA Fan, I am . . .

  7. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    My apologies to Steve Nash too. I dont know who you are, but dont take it personally, LOL. I especially dont follow sports names, or teams. I will admit an interest in extreme sports ie downhill sking, downhill racing, bobsled and winter related sports.
    And yes, Tess, Paris is surely my favorite city too!

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