What Scares You?

Like many people, I’m afraid of heights and sharks and grizzly bears. But one of my deepest fears is of losing my memory — and my sense of self — to Alzheimer’s Disease. My father died of it, so I know that it destroys not just the patient, it also devastates the entire family. And every year, more and more people fall victim to it.

Which is why I’m declaring war on Alzheimer’s.

This war can be won, and our fiercest warriors are scientists. They’re tantalizingly close to understanding the mechanisms of this disease, and how it can be prevented. Science will provide the answer …and the cure.

Join me in the battle — and win a chance at a unique prize: to name a character in a Rizzoli & Isles novel! Won’t it be fun to see yourself (or someone you love) chatting with Jane and Maura on the page? You might be a hero, or you might be a villain — you never know!

Visit my Alzheimer’s research fundraiser page for the details on how to enter the raffle.

Your donations will go directly to The Scripps Research Institute, which has long been at the cutting edge of biomedical research. With 1,200 scientists, including Nobel laureates, TSRI is one of the most influential scientific institutions in the world, and Charity Navigator has awarded them the top 4-star rating as a responsible charity.

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  1. Kimble
    Kimble says:

    Hiya Tess,
    Just donated for you, good luck with the charity fund raiser !

    Although it’s different, my mum suffered from a stroke late in 2012. That has become my worst fear, watching a stroke take a piece of the person each time is horrifying to watch and not be able to do anything about it. Again, I know it’s different but these days I do just about anything I can do to prevent a stroke happening to myself or my friends. I got fit, it actually had such an effect on everyone’s lives a lot of my friends stopped their smoking and joined me in loosing weight to prevent it from happening in the future.

    The other fear….MOTHS !! great big hairy moths !!! I’m not talking about the little ones that flutter around, I’m talking about the ones with meat on their legs !! the ones that might answer you back if you go to swat them !

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