We all love underdogs

See my entry over at Murderati.com, about the Susan Boyle phenomenon, and what novelists can learn from it.

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  1. annaaleta
    annaaleta says:

    I was bowled over by Susan Boyle. I am an underdog myself and honestly? I have attempted singing onstage too (it was one audition I did for a major musicale staged here in the country sometime in 2000), but it wasn’t as huge a success as hers was.

    I would like very much to tell you, Tess, that I am a huge fan of yours! And coming to this site at last has no doubt stirred excitement in me. I am a writer myself (I write for entertainment television) with a Nursing profession hovering behind me, so you could just imagine how enthralled I am to come across your work.

    Your books have the capacity to both scare me and thrill me. I just want to congratulate you on your success and I look forward to setting my eyes on your future releases.

  2. Abe
    Abe says:


    To me the only ‘Underdog” was the cartoon voiced by Wally Cox. Have we forgotten about William Hung who was this rolly polly guy who also sang on Idol? He now had a record deal. Just because someone doesn’t look right, don’t pre-judge. Remember Jim Nabors and Tennesee Ernie Ford? Not exactly models, but they sang beautifully. I hate it when someone pre-judges without knowing all the facts or giving someone the chance to prove otherwise. (I live with someone like that).
    More power to the Susan Boyles out there. Like the slogan for the lottery says…Hey, you never know.

  3. Tess
    Tess says:

    Annaleta, thanks so much for the nice comments! And how cool to find another medical person who’s doing so well in the writing field!

    Abe, I loved Jim Nabors and Tennessee Ernie Ford! Nabors especially used to blow me away with his aw-shucks personality and his amazing voice.

    William Hung may have been an underdog, but he really couldn’t sing. Susan Boyle, though — wow. I think that maybe women are more likely to be underestimated because of their looks.

  4. therese
    therese says:

    There are a lot of ways to look at the Susan Boyle phenomenon and I love the “instant” success experience. Toni stated it well using Christie Craig as the example.

    I was the contest coordinator for our chapter’s romance contest the year Christie won in her category. I gave her the news as she was signing with her agent. We had a great chat that day and I’m reminded about that 10,000 hours rule. Both of these women did the time, working with their talent, until the day they got “noticed”.

    That’s true inspiration for me.

  5. Meeka
    Meeka says:

    I have to say lovely lady and BEAUTIFUL voice.
    I don’t think alot of people realise what they do when they judge a person by their looks (BTW I’m not saying its right)
    But tv and the media don’t help the way people view others in the spotlight. If they don’t have slim bodies, white teeth and the view of perfection they aren’t looked at twice, unless to scrutinize them. I don’t know whether others agree with me but thats how I perceive things.

    All in all though I say Good on her, and I hope she goes well with her singing.

  6. annaaleta
    annaaleta says:

    Thank you very much for acknowledging my message, Tess! I’m on a break from writing for shows right now and guess what…I’m reading your ‘The Sinner’! I just want to share that I made it a point first of collecting your books–after bumping into ‘Harvest’–before reading them. ‘Harvest’ gave me the creeps, so I had to muster enough courage before opening ‘The Surgeon’. What more can I say..? I think I’ll just take my hat off to its great author.

  7. tjani
    tjani says:

    Just read your novel, The keepsake. The end seemed hurried. The mother character was suddenly introduced. Neti/Josephine never talks to her mother and suddenly she pops…how convenient. Also those tsantas and mummies are never properly explained. How did Jimmy do it? Bradley was the gifted one right? So that doesn’t make sense.

    over all, good read…..stayed up nites reading it.

  8. PackingPadre
    PackingPadre says:


    What a sweet blog about Susan Boyle, whose voice blew me away.

    I get terribly annoyed at people who judge by physical appearance instead of by talent. You are fortunate to be talented and attractive, but there are many writers I like for whom I have seen nothing but a touched up photo. I still like them and could care less about appearance.

    And, as a heterosexual male, and a priest myself, I could care less what Father Andrew Greeley looks like. I just know I like his fiction, as well as his sociological writings and his valid complaints about Holy Mother, the Church.



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