watch the first episode of Rizzoli & Isles online!

The full episode of “See one, do one, teach one” (the debut episode) is available on the TNT website.

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  1. wrrriter
    wrrriter says:

    I suffered a little cognitive dissonance, Tess, in last night’s Rizzoli & Isles show–there Maura was, flirting it up with some guy, and I happen to know that she’s in love with a priest!

    The only answer is to compartmentalize, I guess.

    Am about 2/3 through Ice Cold. Fun read.

    Ray R.

  2. SongDragon
    SongDragon says:

    I was a little bit disappointed. The way Dr. Isles spoke reminded me a little bit of Brennan, a T.V. character from Bones. She was very literal and seemed to be diagnosing people at every turn, which is not how I imagine Maura Isles, since she usually seems to try to get home and stop thinking about her job. She does other things besides think of medical stuff day in and day out, such as playing the piano and enjoying a nice quiet glass of wine. She also seemed too forthcoming in telling someone that people, live ones, scared her.

    Also, I thought one of her main concerns was respecting the dead, and she was flirting over a dead body. I guess it just doesn’t fit with the picture I have built up in my mind.

    Rizzoli seemed okay, except for once when she said she was a good detective even though she’s female, while Rizzoli never gives qualifiers like that.

    I realize that it’s harder to give in-depth character to T.V. show characters that are only seen for about fifty minutes a week, and where it’s impossible to get into their heads if they don’t speak, but it just seemed too abrupt a way to introduce Maura’s discomfort with people and somewhat morbid sense of humor. While she does have that morbid sense of humor she almost always keeps it to herself, or, at her most vocal, shares it with Brophy.

    It’s still neat that your characters have gained enough recognition to be on T.V., though. Maybe it will draw others into the books, which are the real gems. I can’t wait to read the next one.

  3. Norm
    Norm says:

    I was really looking forward to watching Rizzoli & Ilses. Happened to be in the middle of Vanish when I first saw it was going to be on the air. I watched the first 2 epiosods & I have to say I am very dissapointed. I’m no Angie Harmon fan anyway but even so, she just isn’t Rizzoli, who I always thought of as somewhat hard-bitten, not the simple minded twit Harmon portrays her as. In the second episode, Isles gets her turn to be a simpleton, diagnosing a date to death, wearing goofball clothes to a softball game. Come on.

    Seems like the producers are making this into a dramady, half goofball comedy, half drama. It’s sad. I wish it was more along the lines of Law and Order with the director demanding decent acting from the heroines who should be more like real people.

  4. bethFL
    bethFL says:

    Like you, I laughed out loud at the show too. I like the show because it gives me my Tess-fix for the other 364.5 days/year I spend without a new TG book – except for the one year you made us starve.

    And Maura Isles – Oh no! I AM her on a date! I have done that same thing. Therefore, I am single.

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