Want to see my office?

My house, office, and very messy desk show up on this video segment from Boston’s TV show, Chronicle. They interviewed me about why I live in Maine.

(Be patient — you have to sit through a 30 second commercial first)

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  1. Ginger
    Ginger says:

    Tess – thankyou for sharing with us, a little more of your personal life.
    Having researched Maine on the internet, I could already appreciate why you live where you live, but it must be very hard for you to tear yourself away from a beautiful home and beautiful surroundings.
    Continue to enjoy.
    Best wishes – Gordon Brice

    p.s. Like your new hairstyle – very chic.

  2. Tess
    Tess says:

    wow, that is so beautiful! And yes, it does look like Maine! I have relatives in Norway, and they think Maine looks exactly like their country too.

  3. PackingPadre
    PackingPadre says:

    Tess, no hurry, but sometime I’d like to talk to you about Norway. I have a couple great friends in Norway who urge me to move there. I’m a dual US-Irish citizen so becoming a permanent resident would be no problem.


  4. Abe
    Abe says:


    The home and surrounding area are beautiful. No wonder you always have the inspiration to write.
    BTW, as a teacher, my desk at home is just as messy, so don’t worry. Someone once wrote “a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind.” Thanks for sharing.


  5. joe bernstein
    joe bernstein says:

    Wow!!I hope Maine never imposes a “view tax’like they were discussing in New Hampshire-Michael Bloomberg couldn’t pay for the one you have!!I have been to camden and it is one of the nicest locations I’ve ever seen.

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