My cover contest page is up, with all 38 entries, and here’s your chance to choose your favorite cover design and decide the winner! (

We authors always love to whine about how bad our covers are, but when you ask as to come up with a better design, most of us are clueless. So I thought, just for fun, I’d throw it out to my readers, because I know there are tons of truly creative people out there. I wanted to see what people outside of the publishing biz could create.

I have to say, I’m amazed by how polished some of these designs are.

Thanks so much for all your entries. The voting page will be up for a month, and I hope everyone who drops by my site will swing by to cast their three votes. Choose the covers that would most likely induce YOU to pick up the book.

As I’ve watched the entries come in over the past two months or so, I’ve come to a new appreciation for how challenging this task is. There’s more than just “concept” — there’s also execution. The ability to choose the right photographic image, to integrate it into a whole, to choose the right font, to balance the elements. You want to catch the eye without repelling, to appeal and entice. This takes a very special talent — one, I confess, I don’t possess.

This has been so much fun, I think I’ll repeat it next year.

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