Not that there’s a NON-creepy way to die. But in honor of my favorite TV host, David Letterman, I thought I’d compile a top-ten list of some of the true cases I’ve come across in my research, cases that have given me an “oh-my-god” reaction. The sort of stories that will equally fascinate my weirdo readers. (And I know you’re just as weird as I am.)

Here’s #10:


Case History: The remains of a 31-year-old man was found at a recycling facility, after having just been dumped there by a garbage truck. He was found among a pile of cardboard and paper. On autopsy, the pathologist found multiple fractures of the clavicle, ribs, pelvis, and skull. There were hemorrhages into the muscles and soft tissues and pleural (lung) lacerations.

His alcohol level was elevated at 0.34g%; he was legally intoxicated.

His diagnosis? “Compressional asphyxia.” In short, he was squashed to death by a garbage truck compactor.

Ick, you say. So do I. This is one of those horrifying deaths that you don’t even want to think about. One of those nightmarish scenarios that make you cringe. How on earth can this happen? you wonder. Why the hell didn’t the victim scream? How did he end up in this awful situation, being trapped in a compactor as his bones are crushed?

A retrospective study reveals that there have been at least six such compactor-death cases since 1991, with some common findings among them. Some of them may have already been dead prior to compaction — in other words, they were dead bodies tossed into dumpsters. But the chances are, at least a few of these victims had voluntarily crawled into dumpsters because they were seeking warmth and shelter from the elements. Garbage truck drivers report seeing people climbing out of dumpsters just before the trucks empty them. Perhaps the victims who DON’T climb out are too intoxicated to awaken to the sound of the truck engines. Two of the reported victims did, in fact, have high alcohol blood levels on autopsy, indicating they may have been too drunk to save themselves.

Stay tuned to this page. More creepy entries to come…

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  1. akmasyazwani
    akmasyazwani says:

    wiee!! at last..i found ur ur books => really enjoy it..lalala..i’m so happy..

  2. JaneMG
    JaneMG says:

    that is one creepy story, not so nice to die like that…bummer.

    how did you know i was a weirdo :D:D;D. well, i like books like yours, so it comes with the flow i guess 😀 your an awesome writer by the way 🙂

    have a nice vacation, you deserve it. *frodo forever* i guess ;D.

  3. Addicted
    Addicted says:

    read one of yr books,and i really want to read the rest of yr bks..but i m in S’pore..n wondering if i could find yr books in Singapore..Addicted to it..thxs alot..cause u made me luv reading books..(i hate it in the past..nv manage to finish reading a bk)

  4. melissa_girl
    melissa_girl says:

    Hey Tess! I love your books I have read all of your thrillers. I work at a Library so I am going to be the first one in my town to grab your new one THE BONE GARDEN, which comes out in September. I cant wait!!! Keep them coming girl.

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