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Thought you might want to view the podcast of an interview I did over in the UK.  (I’m not a techie, so I hope this doesn’t turn into something too complicated to view!)

Also, check out two debut thriller authors whose books are now on sale:

  The first is Robert Gregory Browne, author of Kiss Her Goodbye.

The second is Patry Francis, whose new book is Liar’s Diary.



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  1. Amy MacKinnon
    Amy MacKinnon says:

    I highly recommend The Liar’s Diary. Excellent read and the reviews have all been fantastic. Patry Francis is a gifted writer and it doesn’t hurt that she’s received some pretty amazing blurbs…

  2. patry
    patry says:

    Thanks, Tess. Your kindness knows no bounds!
    I’m so pleased to be paired with Kiss Her Goodbye, which I recently devoured. A truly terrific book.

  3. Rob Gregory Browne
    Rob Gregory Browne says:

    Tess, thanks so much for the plug, and for pairing me with my Killer Year mate, Patry Francis. I’m anxious to read The Liar’s Diary myself.

    I’ll be sending you an early Valentine’s Day “kiss” very soon.

  4. Patricia Wood
    Patricia Wood says:

    Your interview was short but good. I remember you talking about “secrets” at Maui!
    I am on the lookout for Patry’s book.

  5. Darwyn Jones
    Darwyn Jones says:

    I’m reading Liar’s Diary now and will start reading Kiss Her Goodbye soon. Have to keep in the know on all the Killer Year folk, you know.

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