Rizzoli & Isles renewed for 5th season!

TNT has just announced it. Congratulations to Janet Tamaro and the cast and crew!

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  1. John Wappett
    John Wappett says:

    Congratulations! My wife and I love the show and your books. And thank you for coming to Glens Falls tonight. It was an added treat to find that you are an accomplished public speaker, as well.

    Although I imagine that you have access to any number of expert prosecutors and public defenders, should you ever have the need to consult with an average, small city version, it would be my pleasure to chat. As I told you, while you signed my book, I have you to thank for my new avocation as a crime novel writer. In my work, I have always loved to talk shop. Perhaps the title should be “Carnivore Tours”.
    Regards, John

  2. reading addict
    reading addict says:

    So happy this show has been renewed. It has so successfully brought to life the terrific crime books — especially because of the stars’ chemistry and the humor injected into the source material.

    My only complaint about this mystery crime series of books finally must be voiced: Please, please, Tess G., find synonyms or alternatives to the verb/noun “gaze.” Sometimes as I read or listen to the books, I actually flinch when the word arrives for the 6th or 7th time in a chapter. It is such a romance-novel cliché, and often not the word with active impact for a crime story. Today, I read of Frost “gazing” at a deadly ancient sword when clearly, “staring” at it, or even “transfixed by it” would have better suited the context. (Who gazes at a deadly sword??)

  3. Linah3627
    Linah3627 says:

    This is brilliant news !!!
    Although Lee Thompson Young is going to be missed from the series :-/ he was so brilliant in the show it will be sad to watch the show without him

    I am loving the show although I would quite like to see more story arcs from the books, and I’m sad that Billy Burke didn’t get brought back as Gabriel Dean. I feel somehow they’ve missed a trick. As I’m an avid reader of the books I’m team Gabriel true n true I just can’t warm to any other replacement I’m sorry to say :-/.

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