Off on vacation

I’m packed and ready to leave for Egypt. No blogging or email access for the next few weeks — hope to have some photos to share when I return!

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  1. Mary Duncan
    Mary Duncan says:

    Have a great trip! Are you planning on taking in any “digs” while you’re there? Wouldn’t it be fascinating? Now I’m jealous.

    Have fun and I’m also looking forward to seeing your photos.


  2. soniavcf
    soniavcf says:


    I am new in this blog, although I read it from time to time. I am writing from Spain and have only read one of your books, but I will read more for sure in the future because I enjoyed it a lot.

    I wanted to wish you good holidays, you deserve them, take care!

  3. sandrine
    sandrine says:


    I am new to this blog and am happy I found it! I am Sri Lankan but live and work in Qatar in the Arabian Gulf. I LOVE all your books!! A colleague lent me “Vanish” and since then I simply couldn’t wait to read more! Well, now I own 16 of your books and I’m searching for the 7 books I dont have. However, I can’t seem to find “Peggy Sue got Murdered”(aka “Girl Missing”), “Love’s Masquerade” and “Adventure’s Mistress” anywhere. I appreciate any information on bookstores (anywhere in the world) where I can find these books.
    Hope you are having a fantastic time in Eqypt!! I have only been to Luxor in Egypt and found it so fascinating!!

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