my weekend with michael palmer

(photo courtesy of Dr. Donald Palmisano)

Over the weekend, medical thriller writer Michael Palmer and I taught our annual course in Cape Cod for doctors who want to be novelists. About 120 docs attended the intensive two-day conference, taught almost entirely by Michael and me. By the end of the first day (after I’d been on my feet in front of the class for almost eight hours) I was completely exhausted. But it’s always a blast talking about the business and the craft — and it inspired me to come home and get back to my next book.

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  1. Donald Palmisano
    Donald Palmisano says:

    Wonderful course. Recommend it highly. Skilled successful teachers who excel in the marketplace and who are generous and candid with their advice.

    Thanks, Tess, for using my photo of you and Michael with photo credit.

    Keep writing! Great spin-off TV series “Rizzoli and Isles”!

  2. Dan
    Dan says:

    I attended the conference two years ago. I’m still grinding away on novel number three with four in its early stages. I remember how generous you were with your time. Thanks, and I hope to join you at the podium in a couple of years.

  3. Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson says:

    I really enjoyed the conference and have finished the first 8 chapters of my book. I’m also reading Ice Cold. It’s great to see the things you taught us in action. I hope to stay in touch.

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