My video interview is up on the TNT website!

Where I talk about the transition of my characters to the TV series.

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  1. Tess
    Tess says:

    Ray, it helped that the woman who produced the video very nicely chose the best clips — and gave me great lighting!

  2. demeter94
    demeter94 says:

    I think you said it best when you said they got to the heart of who Jane and Maura are. That’s exactly the point for me. They might not look exactly the way how most readers have imagined the characters, but to me, they feel like them. There’s definitely chemistry between these women – makes me feel like they stepped out of the books from my shelves! 😉 It’s not the about the hair colors, or, like you said, appearance. Do they bring the feeling across I had when reading the books? From what I’ve seen, it’s exactly what happens. And it certainly doesn’t harm to know that Angie Harmon did a great job with a character that comes from the same genre.

    Wishing you all the best for the show! It seems to me that with TNT, it’s in very good hands.


  3. Verity
    Verity says:

    After I bought my Kindle, this was the first series of books I purchased. When I go on the Kindle site, I always request the earlier books like HARVEST be put in Kindle form. I am looking forward to the TNT program. I saw an ad for it on TNT 2 days ago and immediately came here to check it out and see if this was part of the series. Good Luck

  4. tptoyman
    tptoyman says:

    This is the first new series this summer that I really enjoyed. Hope the ratings stay on top. Have read all of your books, some of them twice. The producers did you proud on this one. I’m 74 and don’t really like some of the other new series. Guess I’m old fashioned, but yours was one of the best. Thank you

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