my latest interview

over at Jonathan Mayberry’s blog.

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  1. techiebabe
    techiebabe says:

    Hi Tess, interesting interview. I’ve never been able to figure out the difference between “mystery” and “thriller” either.

    One thing, you might let Jonathan know that his link to your page is wrong. He has spelled your surname correctly all the way through, then at the bottom of the page linked to – whoops!

  2. techiebabe
    techiebabe says:

    No problem – I figured it might work better to mention it here, and have you notice your comments and contact Jonathan, than me as an outsider try to find a way to let him know.

    I sympathise with the spelling. As “Flash Bristow” I’ve had letters addressed to “Mr Flash” and even “Slash”. Mind you my husband was once accidentally referred to as “Mr Presto”!

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