Mephisto Club in Arabic

I wanted to share the gorgeous cover of the Arabic language edition of Mephisto Club. It’s my first title to be published in the Arabic language, and I’m really curious how it will sell overseas. I love this image:

While this cover is beautiful, I must admit that some of my other foreign editions have had some puzzling cover designs. One recent foreign edition had a photo of — get this — three dead fish. (Were they trying to tell me something?)

At least half my fan mail now comes from overseas readers, and I’ve had a sudden influx of reader mail from Turkey. Just another reminder of how international the book market is.

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  1. DaveChaudoir
    DaveChaudoir says:

    I am in the UAE in Abu Dhabi right now, I wonder how soon it will be available! I go to the book shops frequently so I shall look! Certainly your books are available here in English, though, perhaps the British editions. I did see a few of your books in the Frankfurt airport on the way over (in English).

    For what it’s worth the translation (on the cover at least) looks good. It says “Nadi Mfisto” and nadi means club.

  2. Roberto Nogueira
    Roberto Nogueira says:

    The Mephisto Club is the book that made me want to write to you, even I had read all the Rizolli/Isles books at that time, so you must expect a lot of mail from now on…

  3. Mary Duncan
    Mary Duncan says:

    It feels like an Arabic version of the Da Vinci Code. I like it!

    Sorry to be missing you at The Fertile Mind’s Valentine’s Day Gala next week. I’m putting my request in to the universe for good weather. No ice storm like last year.


  4. childofthewilderness
    childofthewilderness says:

    nice cover (: the image and colour scheme does seem to have rather strong hints of arab culture – i think it’s interesting how the book seems to wear a very different sort of aura for a different market!

    how do you pronounce your name in arabic? 😀

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