Major misprint in MEPHISTO CLUB

Three different readers have emailed me about a major printing blooper in the paperback edition of THE MEPHISTO CLUB.  The copies they bought were missing pages 21 – 53.  In their place, instead, was a section from a Perry O’Shaughnessy novel.  That’s three whole chapters of my story they’re missing, and those chapters contain vital clues to the mystery.

Oy vey.

Several years ago, I bought a J.A. Jance novel, and about halfway through, suddenly found I was reading a different book.  There were clues I never got to read, so the mystery didn’t make any sense after that.  I know how frustrating it is when that happens to a reader, and I apologize on behalf of my publisher for this printing goof.

If you got a defective version of MEPHISTO CLUB, email me.  And I promise I’ll email you the missing three chapters.  These things do happen in publishing.  I’m just annoyed that it happened to my readers.  (And, I assume to Perry O’Shaughnessy’s readers as well!)

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  1. thesussman
    thesussman says:

    I have been a bookseller in Atlanta for 14 years (at two different independent bookstores), and these types of defects are not uncommon. I’ve never seen a case where another author’s book was inserted in a book such as this, but I’ve seen several cases of missing pages or pages that repeat (pages 50-100 might be missing and replaced with pages 1-49). I’ve also seen the last chapter or two missing from a book – talk about annoying! I even had a customer come into my store once to read the last two pages of a book because they were missing from her copy!

    If you ever encounter a publisher misprint such as this, please return the book to where it was purchased, especially if it was a bookstore. This will allow the store to know there is a problem, and then they can return the defective books to the publisher and order corrected books.

  2. therese
    therese says:

    I bought two YA’s for my daughter and her friend, autographed by the author and both books had the duplicated pages issue – of about a 1/3 of the book.

    When I went to exchange them a few days later, the bookstore didn’t know about it yet (though the author did). One of the staff searched until he found two complete books.

    Then he carefully removed the authographed page and slipped it into the front of the good books. I thought that was great, even though I had access to the author for new signing. 🙂

    What I found delightful is how the bookstore was so apologetic about the mishap, which happens. At that time (earlier this year) I was at a point in my life where I had forgotten how important, special and personal a book can be to a reader. My daughters’ upset and the compassion of the bookstore staff was a reminder I appreciate.

  3. ZanyMom
    ZanyMom says:

    I’ve had this happen in books before as well, but I also remember as a kid getting a coveted cassette tape for Christmas (dating myself, LOL) and finding a completely different artist on the actual tape, even though the case AND the inner cassette were labeled correctly. Then having to wait to take it back to the store to exchange it was excruciating as a kid.

    I’ve also had a few defective kids’ videos over the years, where the main movie sort of fades out in the middle and suddenly we have some fuzzy black and white donkey story happening.

  4. Kyle K.
    Kyle K. says:

    I remember hearing about this happening to some Harry Potter books a long time ago, where some of the books had inserts of the book Inkheart in them… I’ve also heard of books where the text on the page was rotated by 90 degrees, so the bottom halfs of a chunk of pages were cut off.

    I don’t know… It’s never happened to me, but I think I would be amused. Then again, that might completely change if I’m in the throes of reading, so don’t hold me to it! 🙂

    Tess, another reason why we love you so much. Some authors wouldn’t even have mentioned it, let alone offer to send the missing pages at your own (time) expense…

    I went to B&N at the Prudential Center the other day and saw that all of your books were signed! I wish you would have done an actual signing there, because I probably would have been able to make that one! But, it turns out that I got a signed copy anyway…!

  5. drosdelnoch
    drosdelnoch says:

    The other thing to remember is that many of these misprints end up pulped and can make the books more collectable.

    Just thought I’d better add that. LOL

    Personally its happened to me a few times and Ive always contacted the bookstore concerned as well as the publishers (occassionally I get books well ahead of official publication date) so they have chance to correct it.

    Hope you all get to enjoy the book,


  6. BernardL
    BernardL says:

    Oh boy, another potential pitfall to think about after all the work getting a book published. It kinda makes you start believing in book Gremlins. 🙂

  7. Craig
    Craig says:

    I passed this on to Tess but the rest of you might find it interesting. Back in the days of vinyl LPs it wasn’t uncommon to find the wrong lp in a jacket or the wrong label on an lp. But the strangest thing that happened was to a friend. He bought a Joni Mitchell LP and at the time she and Neil Young were label mates (Reprise Records). When John played the LP he discovered that although the label was correct on both sides, one side of the LP was Joni and the other side was Neil Young. I’m afraid he returned it. I would have kept it myself.

  8. joe bernstein
    joe bernstein says:

    if this type of error occured on a postage stamp the lucky buyers would be wealthy instead of confused-i once saw a hong kong adventure film that was actually made of two films spliced together-believe it or not it wasn’t half bad

  9. Craig
    Craig says:

    Tess, I checked all of the copies at my bookstore and one of my booksellers double checked them. They were all OK. They get almost all of their mass paperbacks from Ingrams. Hope this helps.

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