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I’m still pretty tired after my trip home from the Love is Murder conference (complicated by a cancelled flight and an unexpected extra night in Chicago) but I wanted to share a few photos and some fine memories of what was a terrifically fun event.  With snowstorms and a brief shut-down of O’Hare Airport, I was lucky to get there at all — and I’m so glad I did!

About 300 writers and fans attended, and it was a lovely crowd.  At any time, up to eight classes or panels were going on simultaneously, covering a whole host of topics – everything from a karate demonstration by Barry Eisler to a crime scene reenactment by real cops.  And once the sun set, the action didn’t stop.  The first night, we had readings of Edgar Allan Poe along with a chocolate feast.  The second night, after the banquet, we were treated to a bagpiper and a whisky tasting, which I got so wrapped up in that poor beleaguered J.A. Konrath had to come and pull me out of the room for my next event.  (Sorry Joe!)  

The next morning, Joe interviewed me during breakfast.  If you don’t know about J.A. Konrath, hurry on over to his blogsite, one of the best writer’s blogs out there.  Not only does he write a marvelous mystery series, he’s also one of the funniest and most savvy guys I’ve ever met.     

My only regret about the conference?  There was so much going on, I couldn’t attend every single session — and there were many good ones.  I thought it was nice that so many romantic suspense authors were in attendance.  Most mystery conferences tend to treat romance authors as third-class citizens.  At Love is Murder, everyone was welcome, and many panels were devoted to romantic suspense. 

I was the moderator for one such panel.  Here I am with my fellow panelists (clockwise): Ann Voss Peterson, Julia Buckley, Patricia Rosemoor, and Sherrill Bodine.

romantic suspense panel

The conference also allowed me to meet some new faces, and I got the chance to talk with Barbara Vey, who blogs for Publishers Weekly:

with Barbara Vey

Finally, I got to catch up with some old friends, including this hilarious gathering of “Friends of Dave”  (Dave being book reviewer Dave Montgomery.)  Here I am, lucky girl, with four gorgeous men (L-R): Lee Child, Paul Guyot, Dave, and Barry Eisler.

friends of dave


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  1. Barbara Vey
    Barbara Vey says:

    Hi Tess,

    It was wonderful meeting you. The conference was a blast and the seminars very informative. Sorry I missed the Whiskey tasting, but I managed to get to the death by chocolate.

  2. Kyle K.
    Kyle K. says:

    Eventually I’m going to have to go to a conference where the majority of attendees aren’t trying to hock their books… The retreat in Maui is amazing, but the conference can get exhausting!

    Glad you had fun!

  3. Veekay
    Veekay says:

    Hi Tess,

    I am still intrigued by the title “Love is Murder”. Makes a very interesting name for your next book. But as you describe the conference, where did the LOVE part come in. And for that matter when are you two main protagonists going to marry? Awaiting your next book

    Love you
    (Love is certainly not murder)
    Vijai Kapoor
    New Delhi

  4. knaster
    knaster says:

    Hi Tess,

    Glad you had a great time, even with the bad weather. The weather here in NY today is 58 and tomorrow, 62. Winter, HA!
    Anyway, one quick question…how come whenever you post pictures on your blog, you keep getting younger and younger? Do you know something we don’t?
    Hope you get a chance to come to NY soon. We miss you here in the Big Apple. Thanks for sharing.
    oh, BTW, I spent Super Bowl Sunday with your NY-LI fan club watching the game. I don’t know if you follow football up in Maine, but so sorry about The Patriots….

  5. Mary Duncan
    Mary Duncan says:

    Hi Tess,

    Glad you had a nice trip, albeit weather fouled. It was much the same in Maine at the Book of Love signing in Belfast. We had an ice storm that began just before the signing. It kept all but me and Dorothy Cannell away. Who could blame them though? It was a treacherous ride home. We did, however, manage to sell some books, as some of the hearty Mainers who lived close by braved the storm.

    And why, pray tell, were there pipers and whisky tastings there!? That sounds like it was right up my alley!

    Take care.


  6. drosdelnoch
    drosdelnoch says:

    Why oh why couldnt they merge the death by chocolate eating with the whiskey tasting. Works well, mmmmmmmm……

    Nice to see that youve had a lot of fun with the touring recently though Tess. Any news on your next project yet? Love to hear how things are going and thanks for letting us know how much fun these events are. Will have to try to get to one at some point.

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