Lorraine Bracco joins the cast of “Rizzoli”

Yet another terrific actor has joined the cast of the TV pilot “Rizzoli.”

I’ve long been a fan of Lorraine Bracco, so I’m delighted to learn that she’ll be playing Jane’s mother, Angela. If the pilot gets picked up for a series, I hope they’ll let her develop along the same character arc that’s been spinning out in my books. Because after her husband leaves her, Angela comes into her own — a wild new woman in low-cut dresses and spike heels. I can’t wait to see Lorraine in the part!

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  1. Oya Canli
    Oya Canli says:

    Hello Tess,

    Lorraine Bracco is a great choice indeed. But I am still curious about who will play Gabriel Dean, do you have any information?

    Kind Regards,

  2. Abe
    Abe says:


    This must be turning out to be a dream come true for you. Did you ever think, while writing your books, that Emmy Award winning actresses would be portraying characters from your books in a TV series? What’s next? I’d love to see you on the red carpet one day. Congrats.


  3. Ginger
    Ginger says:

    Sounds like it’s all coming together and will be terrific viewing I’m sure – just hope it will reach the UK. Getting more envious by the minute.
    Congratulations and best wishes – Gordon Brice

  4. Oya Canli
    Oya Canli says:


    I always imagined Gabriel as Fox Mulder 🙂 I am so excited about this production. I am reading Keepsake and I love the new Angela btw 🙂


  5. demeter94
    demeter94 says:

    these are great news! I’m curious about Gabriel as well. I’m looking forward to the next book coming out, and I’m wondering if the cast will have an impact on how you see the characters in your mind? As a reader, I’ve been going back and forth when reading books whose characters have been brought to TV.


  6. eminecakirsen
    eminecakirsen says:

    Hi Tess,
    Emine me. Difficult because I find their books quickly running out of Turkey. I think few are printed. This has me very upset. 2 weeks is “sinful” looking for books. But still find. : ‘(


  7. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Hello Tess,
    Elaine Bracco is a terrific choice…Angela is a great character for us “older” gals to identify with!
    I love the way you are developing her in your books…she is becoming a big favourite of mine.

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