jet lag blues

It is now 2:30 AM in Helsinki. I’m have just raided the minibar, devouring a bag of almonds and downing a gin and tonic. CNN is playing on the TV. As much as I love traveling abroad to promote my books, this is the downside of hopping across the Atlantic — waking up fully alert hours before dawn, my inner clock telling me it’s time for dinner, and knowing that in six hours I will have to be at my best, looking bright-eyed and intelligent. Fat chance.

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  1. Jonna R
    Jonna R says:

    Welcome to Helsinki! I hope you’ve survived from the jetlag and have enjoyed your stay here. The weather could be though better… Looking forward for the event in Suuri Kuu this evening (Aug 13) 🙂 Br, Jonna

  2. Abe
    Abe says:

    Hi Tess,

    Wow, almonds, gin & tonic, and CNN.
    You really know how to live, Tess. Good luck in Finland. Raise some Hel(sinki).

  3. leewynne
    leewynne says:

    What would Rizzoli do in your situation? Or worse…. Warren Hoyt! yikes!

    You will be snug and back at home soon, all the sleep you need, with your donkeys.

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