Okay, so it’s not a creepy biological fact. But I couldn’t resist telling you about this. It’s the culmination of mankind’s race for space, the ultimate symbol of all that we’ve been working toward with rocketry. It’s…

The orbiting billboard.

The restaurant chain Pizza Hut has just signed a deal with the Russian Space Agency to display its new logo, ten meters tall, on a Proton rocket scheduled to blast off later this year. The price for the ad? A rumored one million dollars.

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  1. ruby55
    ruby55 says:

    Just more junk in space. I’m sure Russian cosmonauts will rush over here just to try a Pizza Hut Pizza–or do they have those in Russia too?

  2. rmlillian
    rmlillian says:

    Are you kidding? A million bucks is cheap for all the media coverage the ad generated ON THE GROUND. I suspect it was done for the PR stunt, not the actual ad. 😉

  3. Uleric
    Uleric says:

    Where is the point? It’ll be seen for the entire ten seconds before blast off and then maybe at most twenty seconds after that. I think I can think of better ways to spend a million. Still I always thought Pizza Hut was out of this world 😉

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