in the land of the booth bunnies

I just got home from Las Vegas, where I attended the eye-popping Consumer Electronics Show.

It’s a humongous event, attended by a crowd of 100,000, where you can check out all the hot new techie gadgets about to come on the market. I was invited there by the Interead Company, based in the UK, which makes the Cooler E-book reader, a wonderfully lightweight device that’s the third-best-selling e-reader in the world, after the Kindle and the Sony Reader.

E-readers, and electronic reading aids of all sorts, were one of the hottest new items.

I spent most of my time at the Interead booth, where I signed bookmarks and chatted with the occasional fan who dropped by.

Here I am with Neil Jones, the founder and CEO of Interead. He’s a voracious reader who wanted an E-reader “designed by readers, not engineers.”

While not in the Interead booth, I also did a lot of wandering around in the exhibit hall, trying not to let my jaw drop open. Because the stuff I saw there was so futuristic, so dazzling, that I felt as if I had ended up in a Jetson’s cartoon. The hot new things were 3-D TVs and video games, and long lines of men snaked around exhibits, waiting to view the 3-D movie demos. And yes, it was mostly men wandering around the convention hall floors.

Which may explain the phenomenon I’m about to show you: the Booth Bunny.

Coming from the sedate world of publishing, I had never seen a Booth Bunny before. But they were everywhere at CES, seductively fondling cameras, posing decoratively beside big-screen TVs and gleaming cars. When you have an exhibit hall packed with tens of thousands of men, how do you catch their attention? If your gizmos aren’t flashy enough to attract the crowds, you hire a Booth Bunny to pull them in.

I was so intrigued by the phenomenon, I sent my husband around to photograph a few. (And no, he didn’t object to this clearly rigorous assignment.)

(notice the man not-so-discreetly glancing her way!)

So this is what businessmen do at trade shows. I never guessed!


And this is cool too: Angie Harmon and “Rizzoli” were mentioned in the USA Today weekend supplement!

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  1. Ginger
    Ginger says:

    Glad you enjoyed the visit Tess and hope you were given an e-reader for attending.
    Your photos were great – isn’t it a shame they have to use booth bunnies to help sell the product? You certainly wouldn’t need to use booth “bucks” to sell your product – your name alone would do the job.

    Best wishes – Gordon

  2. techiebabe
    techiebabe says:

    Car shows are exactly the same, with “booth bunnies” as you called them. I actually asked one of the Marlboro girls for an application form to join them (had no intention but was curious) and the form was basically interested in dress size and hair colour / style. People with a personality need not apply!

    But on that shallow topic – I like your new shorter hair!

  3. therese
    therese says:

    Congrats on the USA Today blurb!
    What a cool convention and so smart of you to send your husband out on such a rigorous assignment.

    I’m sure I would have been fascinated by the booth bunnies, too. I don’t get out enough. LOL!

  4. Abe
    Abe says:

    Hi Tess,

    I wanted to be the one to mention the Angie Harmon article, but you beat me to it. I agree with you. When it comes to a “gadgets” convention, more men converge than women. I went to the one at the Javits Center in New York a while back, and alas, there were no Booth Bunnies, but we were happy to see actors Robert Conrad and Lee Majors. (personally, I would have rather seen the Booth Bunnies.)
    Anyway, I am highly anticipating “Rizzoli” and “Ice Cold.” You are truly amazing. They should have you do a commentary on each episode. Hope you had a wonderful New Year’s and here’s wishing you even more success in 2010.

  5. lwidmer
    lwidmer says:

    My husband is going to be so envious – he watched closely the news coming out of the techie show and I think he secretly hoped to be there. Bad planning on his part – he’d just come back from Phoenix a few days before.

    I’m torn on the e-readers. I want to believe they’re great, but I can’t help buying books, putting them on shelves, smelling the pages, seeing how close I am to finishing, sharing it with my friends…I’m a holdout for now.

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    DelacruzBEATRIZ says:

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