In praise of fat.

I defend the deliciousness of fat on my blog post over on Murderati.

(vegetarians might want to avoid this one.)

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  1. Jiheishou Daigakusha
    Jiheishou Daigakusha says:

    I agree that fat is truly delicious. Have you ever eaten it from the side of a slice of cold silverside beef? Nom, nom, nom! BTW, would you like to celebrate with me now that I’m also a published writer? (Figuratively celebrate, that is.)

  2. lwidmer
    lwidmer says:

    Jeez. I’m a vegetarian, but honestly… I remember the taste of fat with longing. We raised our own when I was a kid, so the memory of a t-bone steak is beyond any comparison. And bacon. Oh my lord, bacon. Mind you, I’ll stay vegetarian because I have reasons, but damn. Yep, tofu ain’t exactly a grand substitute.

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