Have you ever seen evil in someone’s eyes?

(I posted this over at my Amazon.com plog. And usually I hate to double-post the same text, but I really am hoping to hear from a member of the Sons of Jared, and maybe this will draw them out to talk to me.)

Now that I’m book tour, I’ve been talking to a number of people about THE MEPHISTO CLUB, and about Biblical legends of demons who walk among us. I’m meeting a number of people who have disturbing stories to tell me, people who actually believe they’ve encountered such creatures.

One man, a hairdresser, told me about the woman client whose hair he was cutting. He had never met her before, and she seemed like a perfectly ordinary, pleasant woman. Then she said something that made him focus on her face. As he looked into her eyes, he felt a sudden, soul-shattering chill. He saw something else, something not human, staring back at him. “I instantly backed away,” he said. He had to excuse himself and go into a back room, where he stood shaking and on the verge of tears. It took him some moments before he could bring himself to go back out and finish cutting the woman’s hair. She paid her bill and walked out. He never saw her again.

This happened several years ago. He has never had another experience like it since. But as he told me the story, he was once again shaking, once again frightened. What, exactly, did he see in that woman’s eyes? He still doesn’t know.

His experience isn’t unique. Other people have told me similar stories, of looking into another person’s eyes — usually strangers they’ve never met before — and recognizing something dark and powerful, something that truly, deeply frightened them.

I’m sure this is not new in human history. In the era before Christ, other people must have experienced the same chill, the same sense of fear. They too believed they glimpsed something that was not quite human staring from another person’s eyes. Could this be what sparked the legends of the Nephilim?

If you have a similar story to tell, I’d like to hear it.

And if you are a member of the Sons of Jared, I want to hear from you too. You need not tell me your name.

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  1. joe bernstein
    joe bernstein says:

    i have encountered this look during my law enforcement career-the “nobody’s home”eyes-not crazy-their eyes are full of rage or fear-but a cold dead look-i recall it on a multiple murderer/prison escapee we had just arrested-his look said he would kill us with no emotion given the opportunity-no anger,just zero in his eyes-we didn’t give him any chances to do so

  2. Jude Hardin
    Jude Hardin says:

    Maybe the hairdresser saw the dark side of his own soul.

    I think the truly evil are well-disguised, Tess. They strike without warning. Maybe you should stay away from that guy.

  3. Tess
    Tess says:

    Jude, I have a personal experience re: how well-disguised evil can be. When I was a child, a beloved family friend came over to visit just a few hours after having murdered someone. I never saw it in his eyes. I never saw it in his mannerisms. He was the same as always — warm and funny and charming. I learned then that I am unable to recognize evil. I just don’t have that sixth sense. Maybe I’m just too much a born skeptic, because I’ve never had any paranormal experiences either.

    But maybe there are people who have that instinct to recognize it.

  4. Kristin
    Kristin says:

    I wouldn’t say I’ve ever run into that ‘pure evil’ feeling, but we had a co-worker that just gave you a creepy feeling every time he came into the room or started a conversation. Most of the women in my office felt exactly the same way. He was too well-dressed (he was the type to iron his jeans) and was sort of overtly sexual to a few women.

    None of the men in the office could see it. They called us all crazy. They said we were just overly sensitive. He was a ‘good guy’ who was good at his job.

    Three months later, he was arrested for child molestation. He had seduced a 13-year-old neighbor (and he had been married for several years). The only way it was discovered was that the 13-year-old told a school counselor she was in love with an older man.

    Maybe some women can sense this kind of evil better than men. When you get that ‘something is just not right with him’ feeling, you should pay attention to it.

  5. Jude Hardin
    Jude Hardin says:

    That’s probably true, Tess. I was just thinking…maybe the hairdresser was the evil one and he saw Jesus Christ in that woman’s eyes. He was like a vampire reacting to The Light. Just a thought.

    My nephew (he’s 17) had a paranormal experience earlier this summer in Radcliff, Kentucky. He and his Boyscout troop were at a sleepover in the basement of a retired dentist’s office. After everyone was asleep, Jerry and his friend heard some noises from above. They went upstairs to investigate, and heard a dentist’s drill running in one of the rooms. They opened the door and saw a dark foggy shape, and the room was very cold. Then, apparently, the ghost entered Jerry’s body for a time, and he was paralyzed and had a mild seizure with tremors. All this was witnessed by his friend. Spooky, huh?

  6. GerritsenFever10
    GerritsenFever10 says:

    When people have an ESP connection, like you will know exactly what the person is wearing without seeing them and then turning out to be correct. Or you will say something that the person was going to say…those things to me seem like paranormal abilities or happenstances at least. It’s very interesting to think that their may very well be something outside of the explanation of science.

  7. joe bernstein
    joe bernstein says:

    i think the best examples we find of evil people are psychopaths-their needs override anything else-there is no scientific explanation of this condition like there is for scizophrenia for example-they lack something resembling a conscience-some can be very charming,like con artists-but they are all dangerous when their desires are thwarted-i don’t see any connection to the supernatural

  8. Tess
    Tess says:

    writeforlove, yeah, I noticed that comment. I’m not sure what that’s all about. All I know is, I’m getting more hate mail for this book than I’ve ever gotten on any book before. Something about this subject has hit a nerve, and I’m not sure whether it’s the Biblical sources or the talk about demons.

  9. writeforlove
    writeforlove says:

    I think any time something semi-religious or Biblical is brought into the picture, you’ll spark quite the response. I love it- I find it not only fascinating at how authors incorporate such topics, but a challenge to your thoughts and beliefs (a good challenge- one that causes the reader to ask questions of their own). It’s just so thought-provoking.

  10. jordansummers
    jordansummers says:

    I’ve never encountered what I’d consider pure evil in someone’s eyes, but I have experienced some rather peculiar reactions to certain individuals. Four or five times in my life, I’ve met people whose faces appear shadowed for a split second. It’s like a storm cloud hovers directly over their features, obscuring them. It clears in a blink, but is normally followed by a sharp pain in my solar plexus that doubles me over. No idea what it means, but I do heed the warning. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often. 🙂

  11. Angelle Trieste
    Angelle Trieste says:


    I think it’s the devil thing plus the Biblical sources.

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  12. Cumulus
    Cumulus says:

    I have worked in the pay-for-pray business for 25 years. In that time I encountered many mentally ill people and a few individuals that I would classify as possessed. The church has a ritual to use in the case of verified demon possession but such cases are considered rare. Today we rely on psychiatrists and diagnoses of some form of psycho pathology but to do so is to ignore the reality of the realm of spirits. We like to think of ourselves as enlightened and talk of demons and spirits are relegated to the category of myth or superstition. My personal experience, particularly in developing countries, convinced me of the existence of disembodied evil, whether they are called demons or spirits or influences.

  13. bob k
    bob k says:

    When in college in the late 70’s, I attended a speech by Vincent Bugliosi – the prosecutor who put Charles Manson and “family” in prison. I don’t know for sure whether he was just playing to his audience – but his stories of Manson were very much of the “this man was obviously evil – you could see it and feel it…”. And perhaps his words colored my later impressions, but every interview I have seen of Manson on TV has been really creepy.

  14. r2
    r2 says:

    I once worked for a woman who had eyes that were pure evil.
    No matter what the rest of her face was doing, her eyes were as flat and dead as a doll’s. From her actions it seemed she had no moral compass whatsoever. If I were to ever find out that she had killed someone, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    BTW: I just got your book, haven’t started it yet but plan to read it over the weekend. Your title reminds me of a book that I read in the 8th grade called “The Mephisto Waltz” by Fred Mustard Stewart. I remember at the time I read it I thought it was chilling. Have you ever read it?

  15. struggler
    struggler says:

    I’ve heard some really evil things said about Dr Maura Isles’ proposals for a new wing at the hospital:-

    The allergists voted to scratch it.

    The dermatologists said it was a rash move.

    The gastroenterologists had a gut feeling
    about it.

    The neurologists thought Maura had a lot of nerve.

    The obstetricians accused Maura of laboring
    under a misconception.

    The ophthalmologists considered the idea

    The orthopedists issued a joint resolution.

    The pathologist yelled, “over my dead body!”

    The pediatricians said, “grow up.”

    The proctologists said, “we are in arrears.”

    The psychiatrists thought it was madness.

    The surgeons decided to wash their hands
    of the whole thing.

    The radiologists could see right through it.

    The internists thought it was a hard pill to

    The plastic surgeons said, “this puts a whole new face on the matter.”

    The podiatrists thought it was a big step forward.

    The urologists felt the scheme wouldn’t hold water.

    The cardiologists didn’t have the heart to say no.

    Pure evil, I say.

  16. naomi
    naomi says:

    I’ve actually had to ask evil to leave my home. So yes, I believe in evil. I believe in demons and spirits and angels. I haven’t encountered possession but i have encountered someone who has so given themselves over to the idea of evil that they had those dark, flat eyes, and a cold, cold presence about them. My husband didn’t see it. But I did.

    I can’t fully explain what I say, but it was dark and bottomless and cold. And scared me to my very core.

    I also believe that evil, and love, leave imprints. Something horrific took place in the home I live in. We didn’t know when we bought the house that murder had occured. It was so far in the past, the previous owners hand’t even been aware. But the house always struck me as unsettled and certain areas I hated to walk into. No rational reason, but I always felt someone watching me when in walked into those areas.

    We found out there had a been a murder back when the house was originally built. The murder had taken place in the space I loathed being in the most. We also discovered that a previous owner had been a practicing witch – not wiccan, but darker practices. His alter was in another room I hated being in. We had the house cleansed after we stirred all this up during a major renovation (another story – one that freaks me out thinking about it). Again, my husband felt nothing. I’m just thankful he believed me and that we have friends who are tapped into God in a big way.

    Since the cleansing, the house “feels” like a home.

  17. Angi
    Angi says:

    I saw PURE EVIL in the eyes of Bob Bordella, a Kansas City seriel killer. He was a local business man and to many he seemed odd but not a killer. But if you looked into his eyes, you saw it, and it chilled your blood.

  18. Angi
    Angi says:

    Ohhh I almost forgot! I bought Mephisto Club and cannot put it down! I only discovered your writings about a month ago and have since read all but 2 books. Keep up the good work! I do have one question…If Joyce O’Donnell were a real person, would we see that evil in her eyes???

  19. elle4loser
    elle4loser says:

    I’m young and have never really seen evil. But an old wives tale from where i am from claims that the extremely young (babies) and the old can see things (paranormal stuff) or feel evil or when something is well, not right.
    There have been countless stories to support this however i remain sitting on the fence, as some might call it.
    The only time i felt a tingling sensation was when i was coming home from school several years ago. I was 12 and for some reason, i felt pressed. I’m not sure how to describe the feeling but moments later i encountered a flasher. News has been splashed about this particular flasher that has never been caught.
    I can’t say I can detect evil but certainly, most of us have the sixth sense, for example, feeling as if someone was watching you.
    Perhaps, only some people can actually “see” evil in another’s eyes.

    PS: Gosh, i am such a big fan of you books! You should really write more, i’m having a hard time searching for your books. 🙂 I’m gonna have to break my neck to find the Mephisto Club. XD

  20. Craig
    Craig says:

    Tess, there was only one occasion where I experienced anything close to what you are describing. 5 or 6 years ago I was in our local Buy For Less and I felt what was either total rage or blind hatred. I turned around and some guy was glaring at me. I looked at him for a minute or so and he stare back and then walked off. I can only assume I reminded him of someone else–I’d never seen him before and, fortunately, haven’t since. But that was the only time that I had any kind of sensation like this that actually made me turn around.

  21. GerritsenFever10
    GerritsenFever10 says:

    I cannot find your book ANYWHERE! Books-A-Million doesn’t have it, not that I saw anyway, and Wal-Mart doesn’t have it…I’m starting to wonder if it even came out in Louisiana…

  22. Tess
    Tess says:

    You folks are scaring the heck outta me with your stories! Keep them coming!

    Gerritsenfever — I’m mystified as to why you can’t find it at BAM, because I know they’re supposed to be selling it! So is Walmart. I hope you’re able to find it SOMEWHERE!

    r2 — I remember the movie they made, “Mephisto Waltz.” That was pretty creepy!

    Angi — would we see evil in Joyce O’Donnell’s eyes? A good question. Because even I haven’t decided if she’s evil — or just weird.

  23. Tess
    Tess says:

    p.s.: gerritsenfever, could you do me a HUGE favor and ask your local Books-A-Million manager if they expect the book to come in at all? Thanks!

  24. BA
    BA says:

    I made arrangements to pick up some products I bought for a community fundraiser. I arrived at the large, neat home of a known (casually) professional in an upscale neighborhood one afternoon. I left my car running in the driveway with my purse and phone in it. After knocking on the door, the man opened it and told me he would get the items in his kitchen. He asked that I shut the door against the mosquitoes and motioned me into the kitchen. Before handing me the item, he made a verbal pass. Embarrassed, I looked away and told him that this was just not a good time for me to be dating. I glanced at him again and saw his eyes. They had become evil! It took just a glance. I instantly turned and ran the few steps to the door. But I felt the blow and went down. The attack lasted what seemed like hours (it wasn’t) and I was amazed at the strength of my relatively small body. He pinned me down. I screamed so much that I was hoarse for a month. Finally, my screams seemed to lure him into a trance. Slowly he stood, trancelike. I got up, trying to catch me breath between sobs. I saw a phone on a nearby stand. I lunged for it and he attacked again. I threw the phone as far as I could (a few feet) and screamed, “I did it! I dialed 9-1-1! (I hadn’t the chance) 9-1-1 can you hear me? HELP ME 9-1-1!” The attacker lunged for the phone and I escaped to my car, him at my heels. I could have won an Olympic race at that moment. I got away with only minor injuries.
    That split second glance into that never before seen “evil eye” was all that I needed to know what to do and conjure up the strength to do it.

  25. wordworker
    wordworker says:

    I guess people all have different abilities. I had two premonitions that came true (many years ago) – one was a dream, the other was a very intense feeling. These things scared me and I’m glad they don’t happen anymore. However, in my second novel, a man finds a diary from 1924 in his attic. A couple of months after I had written this part of the novel, I visited my Grandparents. I found the 1934 diary of my great, great aunt in the cellar. Not a spot-on match, I know, but still… Coincidence? I hope so. I told my Grandmother about this and a couple of other ‘writing coincidences’. She was astounded and very interested and said (in a creepy way), “Some people just know things…”

    Maybe it’s more like SOMETIMES people just know things. Sometimes they don’t. I was with a man for a handful of years before I found out what he was. Perhaps well concealed EVIL would describe him. Things eventually became abusive and I left. I witnessed him commit a horrible crime not too long after. When I turned him in to the police, I found it was not the first time. So, there we have it: I’m not psychic! Unless I was psychic with a serious blindspot (men) when I was very young. This jerk-off ran from the police and is still wanted by the FBI. I still have nightmares. I’m hoping to work things out through my fiction.

  26. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    I can’t say I’ve ever seen “evil” in anyone’s eyes, but I’ve never been particularly good at reading faces. For me, it’s more of a sensing thing. I’ll have this internal moment when I simply know that someone is up to no good or something bad is about to happen. This feeling, sensation, whatever it is, has kept me out of a lot of trouble.

    I can think of many times these moments have occurred, but one in particular stands out: I sleep hard, unnaturally hard…once my head hits the pillow, nothing wakes me. Nothing. One night at about 1 a.m., with my son’s dad out of town and my black cat curled into the spoon normally filled by him, my eyes opened suddenly and I noticed a moving shadow outside the patio door of my bedroom just a few feet from my bed. Within a millisecond that seemed like hours, all of the following happened: I sat up straight, realized the shadow was that of a man, that the man was a stranger, that his hand was on the handle of my screen door, that he was opening it, my cat hopped up off my bed onto a dresser and knocked over a glass vase, I started screaming, and my very large and lazy golden retriever woke up and started barking madly.

    The man ran. I was six months pregnant at the time and my mind won’t allow me to imagine what might have been.

  27. Cynbagley
    Cynbagley says:

    Yes… when I was in South Africa in the early 1980’s I met a man, who chilled my blood. He invited me to be a part of his organization. I made sure that I never met this person again. (I was a missionary at the time).

    My companion had thought that he was a good prospect.. and he said the right things. But when she left the room for a moment, he said… that I see you know what I am.

    I have never been so afraid in my life.

    It was a one time experience.

  28. GerritsenFever10
    GerritsenFever10 says:

    Deffinetly will do that Dr. G…I walked in and didn’t see the book on any display case and I got worried, so I walked to the back and still didn’t see it…there was a line so I didn’t ask the manager about it, but I will be back there this week to ask.

  29. BA
    BA says:

    BAM placement: Did not notice Mephisto Club in the NEW BOOKS rack at the entrance. I asked for it and BAM had placed it in with the regular fiction.

  30. joe bernstein
    joe bernstein says:

    i didn’t see the book at Walmart or Target in Rhode Island as of Friday,but maybe it’s changed by now as I’ve been out of town

  31. GerritsenFever10
    GerritsenFever10 says:

    I think BAM just doesn’t want any customers, because I don’t think I’ll be going there for my books anymore…I’ll try WalMart again this week for the book, but not BAM

  32. Emmett76
    Emmett76 says:

    I see evil in myself sometimes and then it just passes and i feel like it was never there.Sometimes i want to really hurt some people like hurt them so much for days and then kill them.This feeling came over me first when i was 5years old my mother was cooking dinner for our family and as she was peeling potatos and i got a jug of boiling water and poured it over her.I got severly punnished.Sometimes a feeling of maybe evil comes over me where i want to kill people even my close family.every night i pray for these feelings to leave me.Just today i was thinking of ways to kill my ex girlfriend and all her family and get away with it.Do other people feel like this,i do manage to push these urges down but they always resurface and i am afraid that someday they will take over.

  33. Angi
    Angi says:

    LOVED the book! Finished it late last night. (I sure did not want to get up this morning!)Can’t wait for the next one! Any idea when we might expect it? I have no idea what to read between now and then! 🙂
    Congrats on another great thriller!!!
    I LOVED the end!!!

  34. BA
    BA says:

    Maybe we need to start a “Countdown Club!” My friends and I start the day the TG publication date is announced, months before. Then, whenever we talk we say, “only 89 days to go!” or whatever. Secretly, I hate that Tess posts here. (Shhh. Don’t tell her!) Selfishly, I wish she was working on entertaining me instead! Only once a year? We go through TG withdrawal for 11-3/4 months a year!

  35. struggler
    struggler says:

    Emmett76 : I have to confess (and this is the very first time or place that I have done so) that I occasionally do have ‘urges’ similar to those you described. However, in my case, and this is what is so nonsensical, the urges are only ever felt when I am in the kitchen (where I can see several long, sharp knives) and – here’s the weird bit – when my wife or young children are nearby, in other words the people I love the most and who are the most precious to me. I hate the feelings and I have no idea why they happen, they are involuntary and I feel a deep sense of guilt at the time of their occurrence. It’s a spontaneous thing, in no way pre-meditated, but I wish it would go away. I’ve never thought of it as ‘evil’ in the sense of a third-party spirit whatever, I just think there’s something wrong with me. God, I feel like I’m on a therapist’s couch talking about my innermost secrets here….

  36. wordworker
    wordworker says:

    Struggler, I know someone who has this same condition. He says it’s some kind of anxiety thing that’s related to obsessive compulsive disorder. This person has never and would never act on these thoughts, but he suffers with them. I guess people can have obsessive thoughts on pretty much any topic. Mind you, I am no expert, this is just what I have heard. I hear you about the therapist’s couch. I can’t believe some of the stuff I blab about, either!

  37. struggler
    struggler says:

    I saw a guy yesterday, only for a moment, who instantly reminded me of the Tooth Fairy or Francis Dolarhyde. Only saw him in profile as he didn’t look at me in the eye, so I’ll never know if I actually saw evil but for that moment (and a few moments after!) it did put the shivers up me. Remember the TV movie Manhunter? This guy looked just like the Tooth Fairy in that. Spooky.

  38. joe bernstein
    joe bernstein says:

    struggler-you’re talking about an actor named tom noonan-he was also in “Heat”,playing a wheelchair-bound criminal genius who sets up a bank heist by intercepting communications sent by the bank-he seemed considerably less menacing in that role-he gained a lot of weight,got bald,and grew a beard

  39. Angi
    Angi says:

    BA…Sounds like a plan! I just started reading Tess’s books a little over a month ago so I have not had to play the waiting game…until now. (There are still a couple I have not read.) Can anyone tell me where I can get a list of all of her books in the order they were released? I want to make sure I don’t miss any. I love the way they make the hair stand up on the back of my neck!!

  40. Tess
    Tess says:

    Struggler and Emmett, I don’t think that having weird and inappropriate thoughts is unusual — yet seldom do people even dare to confess that they have them. But when they really start to scare us or we think we might actually act on them, it’s probably time to seek help in dealing with them. Emmett, I do hope you’ll find someone to talk to if these impulses start to feel overpowering.

  41. June
    June says:

    Whilst reading this book I had to get up and check that my windows and doors were locked because deep down I know that there is raw evil in the world ready and waiting to destroy and lash out. Growing up, I attended parochial school and we were taught, although thankfully not in detail, that there are indeed mystical and demonic forces at work in the world all around us. Kaballah, jewish mysticism, teaches about such mystical and evil forces. I think you did an amasing job of weaving interesting historical/biblical detail into a riveting storyline.

    “Eyes are the window to the soul”….and so, I try never to look a person in the eye until I get a strong vibe/sense of him/her. I say “ignorance is bliss” and I would rather not know or see evil up close ever!

    I can’t wait for the next book…Kudos Ms. Gerritsen!!

  42. June
    June says:

    I was reading over this entire blog and I was a little worried about one of the posts.

    The truth is there a many times when everyone sees “red” and marvels in the idea of lashing out in fierce anger but they never act upon it. I have had them many times but once I have really thought about it, the thoughts disappear and anger usually goes with it. Thoughts in of themselves are not a problem. It’s a socially acceptable way for your brain to release some of it’s frustrations and anxieties without hurting yourself or anyone else. If however, the desire and impulse becomes overpowering and you find yourself spending a lot of time thinking about it or planning ways to go through with it, I suggest seeking out some help. There is nothing wrong or shameful about needing help and I would say it takes a strong and courageous person to ask for it.

    The point is many people have thoughts and there is nothing wrong with a thought as long as it ultimately stays, just a thought.

  43. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    I had problems last year finding “Vanish’ at the Books-A-Million in Greenville, SC! I ended up preordering ‘Mephisto Club’ through B&N. I have to say, it was well worth the wait! This one has to be your best novel so far. You had me scratching my head with Lily. I won’t say anymore since I don’t want to spoil it for the other who might not have read the book yet.

    I knew a child in the 70’s when I was in gradeschool, who I thought was pure evil. He never smiled or laughed that I can remember and had that blank stare and I swear his eyes were black as coal. One day I saw him stomp on a lizard like it was nothing and walk away without a word. *shiver*

  44. bitchinsahsa
    bitchinsahsa says:

    Struggler, I believe that everyone has two parts to them. You have the one that you allow people to see and the one that tends to be private being the part that has impulses that would be considered abnormal. If these impulses were to be carried out then you would be considered an evil person, however there are very few of us that are not able to repress these impulses. It is almost like you have an incontrollable moment of rage but then you realise it is unfounded. I suffer from these most when I am stressed, however I do not hide these from people I tell them. I always say I am feeling the rage, we have a laugh and the feeling subsides. I believe that these are normal feelings, and it is just that people do not normally talk about things that unsettle them, that makes it almost taboo!

  45. struggler
    struggler says:

    bitchinsahsa, Emmett76, Tess : I’m still reading this strand because it’s interesting – and feel compelled to clarify my ‘feelings’. I have two precious and beautiful little daughters who quite frankly are the main reason for my wanting to live for many years to come, but inexplicably I get these thoughts (rather than urges or compulsions) when I’m preparing a meal in the kitchen, usually when I’m slicing and dicing some vegetables or something like that. In other words, I have a knife in my hand, a long sharp knife. Nothing unusual in that of course, but one or other of the girls will keep coming into the kitchen to demand something (as they do!) or perhaps just to ask where mummy’s gone, if she’s out. My feeling is a mixture of guilt that there’s my innocent, vulnerable daughter close to me while I’m holding something that instantly transforms from something innocuous for slicing mushrooms into a lethal weapon, and a vision of stabbing my little daughter. Needless to say I have never stabbed anyone of any age and have never contemplated it, so why I get these guilt/violent visions I have no idea. I don’t ‘hear voices’, I’m not emotionally unstable, although I suppose I have been suffering from stress in recent years (business related), if that’s any guide.

    I’m not evil though, despite wondering if the best way to create genuine notoriety for the book I plan to write one day – it doesn’t involve murder at any point, but does include violence – would be to carry out all the acts of violence myself shortly before publication date! Suddenly a work of fiction would become factually based….I wonder if that’s ever been done before? I should add that the victims in the book are real people, with their names changed, and I know who they are even though they have no idea who I am, they’ve never heard of me. When I heard what these seven people had variously done (over a 15 year period) to a single woman my initial urge was to seek vengeance on her behalf; instead I decided to write a book about her life. It’s serious stuff; the woman has been raped many times, she has been left disabled as a result of other unrelated actions, and she has been conned out of her life savings by another unrelated person. If anything, my instinct isn’t one of ‘evil’ but the opposite of it, whatever that is…to seek exact retribution, such that rapists are raped in return, for example in the fashion of ‘an eye for an eye’ justice.

    If anyone’s still reading this, please say what you think of my comments!

  46. J.W.
    J.W. says:


  47. lynnh32
    lynnh32 says:

    I can’t say I’ve ever encountered evil in someone’s eyes…but I do have a story.

    Maybe 10 years or so ago there were a couple local stories of cults doing rituals up in one of the cemeteries around my hometown. At the time, reading about the occult fascinated me, not to the point that I wanted to dabble in it, but I wanted to find out more about the people involved. So a friend and I decided to go to the cemetery…it is called Quaker Cemetery. It was around dusk, I didn’t want to go at NIGHT, in case the cult would be there. The cemetery is literally out in the boondocks…farmland all around and the nearest house maybe a 1/2 mile away or so. So we parked our car and walked into the brick building on the cemetery grounds and walked in…in the center of the building was a sacrifice circle with the pentagram in the middle, they also had to fireplace on either side of the building, I walked over to them, and I don’t know what was inside them, but something had been burned.

    The way the cemetery sits is on a hillside, so the graves are down the hillside past the building, which when you walk down, you can’t see the road. We walked down to look at some of the headstones…and for the life of me, to this day, I can’t remember what one of the headstones said, but it was a child’s headstone. Whatever the writing was on the stone, freaked me out so much that I told her, I’m done here and I won’t be back and walked up to the car and locked the door (cause THAT would’ve helped:). She stayed for a few extra minutes and then came back up and we left and have yet to ever go to that cemetery again, and I don’t plan on it anytime soon.


  48. bobster
    bobster says:

    May I suggest you read “People of the Lie” by psychiatrist, M. Scott Peck? It is all about the concept of evil.

  49. mocha
    mocha says:

    I was surfing the web for sites regarding evil or sensing evil or negative energy in another person and came across this blog site. I recently had a very strange experience when a plumber came to my house to fix backed up drain. We were in my basement (which is unfinished, cold, musty, and not a place i spend time in other than to do laundry). He seemed relatively normal, pleasant, and moderately funny. I tend to befriend people quickly and think I have a good sense of humor, which tends to put a lot of people at ease. He made a very nice comment about me being the nicest person he’s done service for in a very long time intimating that most customers are rude. He spent a significant amount of time explaining all of my different *options* and costs for fixing my plumbing problem. At one point in our conversation, we were standing in my basement and I was staring into his face and his eyes looked black. I recall staring at his eyes, thinking they looked momentarily soulless and creepy and then I had a vision of him suddenly snapping, reaching out and grabbing me by the neck and attacking me. It was so strange and I had never experienced anything like that before and I’m typically not afraid of anyone, but for that brief moment I felt like I was in the presence of someone dangerous (or that I might have intuitively tapped into something dark in his own thought process or psyche). I did what I usually do when when around animals – tried not to show my fear. I stood with my hands on my hips, which tends to be a very authoritative stance, nodding my head in recognition of everything he was telling me about my plumbing, keeping a straight face, staring into these horrifically unnerving black and soulless eyes, all the while trying to consciously block out the image I have having of him trying to strangle me. He hung around for a few hours (and I knew he was attracted to me b/c he kept making innuendos), which I tried to deflect by talking a lot about my boyfriend. There was only that one instance in my basement when I saw something very dark in this man and had that vision. I looked him in his eyes several times and didn’t feel the fear that I did at that one moment. I’m not sure if it was evil I sensed, but it was definitely an experience I will never forget and one I’ve never had before about anyone.

  50. The Wretch
    The Wretch says:

    I, like mocha, I have seen the black eyes before too. I think it is the demon we are seeing in the individual who is possessed. Truly. Of course I have seen MANY spiritual things in this life, and have seen plenty of evil unfortunately, and encountered MANY demons and angels…

    When I was a young kid, we were playing and stopped in this house being built, and when we I looked in the mirror on the wall, I suddenly saw a bull sitting in the bathtub behind us with the shower water running on it. That was weird for sure.

    Another instance was a neighborhood we lived in, this house on a street had no one living in it, and yet anytime we rode our bikes by, these curtains would open up, like someone/something was looking out at us. As soon as we got to the property line, they opened up, and as soon as we left it, they closed. We could ride our bikes right back in front of it, and they would open over and over again. Remember the movie the Devil’s Advocate, and how the peoples faces changed when they killed someone? Or like in Jacobs Ladder, when his girlfriend asked him if he had a problem, “well, do you?” and her eyes went black? These are messages from the Light, to remind us of Paul the apostles words, “that we war against principalities and powers…”

    Let me assure you, demons and angels are real, and demons and very much under the authority of Satan. Make no mistake, I am speaking from experience. Pretty scary stuff to be sure.

    In my case it was in Salt Lake City, and it was a coworker that is in the same agency in the fed as I am, and we shook hands to say goodbye at the end of the class, and his eyes went black for an instant, but I did not look at him for any length of time. I have never been fascinated by the devil, and am his sworn enemy, and if I could be counted among the 144,000, I would be very glad indeed. He was a really bad character, always talking like he was just ignorant of everything around him.

    I was also in a house many years ago, and could feel the evil ones around me and my girlfriend. Absolutely paralized with fear. I have never felt that before. It was an interesting sensation, that if not for prayer and the subsequent intervention of Jesus Christ, I may have perished. It was weird though, the house we were in was two story, and the house had motion detector lights at all corners of the house, and the wind was going, the animals, (it was in the country) horses etc were all restless suddenly, and all the lights came on at once. The demonic spirit was in the hallway, I could feel him through the wall.

    Then in another instance, we came to the house to drop her off, and I could see 4 or 5 of them in the house, one on the front porch. We couldn’t even get close the house. It was pretty wild to say the least. But I have always believed in God, and naturally in all the things that we cannot see, which matter more than the things we can…

    I will say this much, I don’t remember a feeling of soulessness in the eyes I saw. I would describe it more as total hatred and contempt for the fact that I am breathing.

    I would remind you all, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist…”

    Christ is Lord, and our ONLY defense against the Dragon, who seeks to devour us all. Never resting, “seeking whom he can devour…”

    I have read a few of the blogs here, and I have seen “evil” in a persons eyes plenty, but until you really see the demon looking back at you, that evil eye doesn’t compare.

    May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

  51. musicchick
    musicchick says:

    I have a friend who I have been uneasy around. He is into shamanism, tarot, horoscopes, healing but is anti Christian although he grew up with a minister father. He came to the door the other day after I hadn’t seen him in almost 2 months and I looked at his eyes and was almost paralyzed. I got very scared…I’m not sure why, they just scared me..they are very piercing and I just see something not good when I look at them.

  52. musicchick
    musicchick says:

    I also read a post of someone on a website I belong to and it was just introducing himself and how he is back on the site after an absence. I immediately got this bad feeling that something wasn’t right. Nothing in his post showed that, just got a really scared feeling. Well I went to his FB page and looked at his pics and he was goth looking and I thought wow he’s very odd looking how weird. And just a gut wrenching bad feeling (nothing wrong with the goth look just this particular guy scared me and I was shaking). My friend later said to me, I have to warn you to stay away from that new guy. He’s a satanist. He sacrifices babies. I was like, um I knew there was something evil there from reading his post (which mentioned nothing about that). Weird that I picked that up from reading a hey I’m back on the site and changed my name post? Yeah…

  53. christian19
    christian19 says:

    On my honeymoon in Singapore last year I truly know I saw evil.

    It was in a supermarket, I was kidding around with my wife and we were having fun together. I had got to be about 5 yards infornt of her when I turned a corner. As I turned the corner a young lady locked eyes with me, it was as if my eyes were drawn to hers. Her eyes were black and she smiled at me. At once I felt a pain in my chest. My body crippled over as I grabbed my chest. My wife came round the corner and at first thought i was kidding around still. I felt vunerable like she had violated me. Tears welled up in my eyes and my wife realised something was very wrong. Still bent over with the pain in my chest I pointed to the back of the young girl dressed all in black with long black hair and told my wife “she is the devil! She is evil.”

    As my tears began to fall down my face I realised that around that corner in the supermarket were stalls with women selling seafood. The women on the stalls were laughing. They had seen me come round the corner, look at the evil lady, bend over in pain, and then cry and yet they laughed – I could tell they knew exactly what had just happened. They looked as if they completely expected what just happened.

    My wife bought a drink from the supermarket and we left quickly. I was shaken, upset and freaked out but she was very thirsty and I insisted she got a drink.

    After my wife( a cardiologist) asked questions about the pain I got in my chest and I realised it was my soul that the lady hurt. It was as if she saw into my soul and her evil penetrated it.

    Two evenings later in our hotel room I took record of our expenditure. I found the reciept from the supermarket and the store was called Satan. Instantly I freaked.

    I just wanted to share my experience.

  54. kschell80
    kschell80 says:

    yes i believe and have seen this. numerous times. i am not sure if you have to have an open mind to be able to see someone posessed by evil/devil or what. i do know when i tell people my stories of what i have seen and saw. no one seems to really believe me or want to even listen to what i have to say. i do believe people who have never experienced this block it out of there mind/soul. 1st off my ex husband is posessed by a demon or demons. i knew something was off the moment i met him. there was something about his eyes. . . at first i mistook it for something special. some kind of spiritual connection with him. boy was i wrong!! one of his eyes looked darker to me (as if i could see through to his soul) it was also a little mishappen from the other. it was his soul i was seeing…. a darker, evil soul…… i have also seen another old friend, aquaintence with eyes posessed. it was as if he knew i could see this in him and he would play with me with his eyes. this evil i could see was in both eyes. it was as if either sides of his eyes were a dark grey color that you could see infinity into them. this man would like flip his eyes from normal, to evil back and forth to me. it was as if he had another set of eyelids. also his eyes were a strange reddish/yellowy color. this man also was into self mutilation, i once saw him stand in the middle of a fire pit for 10 minutes and not even catch on fire. i lost contact with this man for about 7 years. i just recently ran into him again with my new husband at a bar….. the man came up to me and asked me how i knew he had demons inside of him. i said i could just see them. he stated he did and was trying to get them to go away. my husband was in complete shock and amazement at this point…. i had told my hubby about my experiences and he never really seemed to believe me. he looked right at me and was like oh my god your right!!! i do not know if these evil spirits seek me out or if they know i can see them and are curious as to why….. it fascianates and scares the f!@# out of me at the same time. i also believe they can only hurt you if you let/allow them too. they are manipulators and prey on the weak (example:ex husband) as long as you have a strong soul they will not hurt/harm you. they are scared of you. believe me……… and no i was not on any drugs during these experiences!!!!!!! 🙂

  55. evol23
    evol23 says:

    I saw something in someones eyes ONCE. And have searched a long time find someone that knows what I’m talking about. I’m very serious and its a very emotional event for me. If you are sincere please email me back.

  56. humble
    humble says:

    A couple of weeks before I went to play poker, I had ask the lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of my sins and that I wanted to be born again. I struggle through these two weeks. I imagine the devil playing tug of war with me. The devil was intimidating my thoughts everywhere in my home I saw or imagine a devils face. I was afraid of the dark. I pray and pray the entity was not making things easy for me. I decided to go and play poker, I played and had fun, at midnight a Chinese man enter the table sat a sit away from me to my left. His white shirt caught my attention and i look at him he seem to look down a lot. I did not think of anything but just to block my thoughts and do my best to concentrate and have fun. I played 2 hands with this chinese man with the best hand preflop and lost 2 big pots to him. The first time i lost to him i glance at him and he quickly looked away i could not see his eyes. The second time i lost to him i was able to look in his eyes and OMG i saw eye the of the devil staring right at me. It was his left eye it was bright and yellow it looked like the serpent eye i was not afraid i was looking at an evil eye. When he caught my eyes looking at him he quickly looked down. I felt a sensation of happiness flowing over me even though i lost to him. That night i did not feel angry for loosing at the poker table any other night it’s a different story. I came home i couldn’t stop thinking about days before that night i was afraid and imagining being afraid of the devil and when i finally did, he was afraid to look at me. Before you eat and before you sleep or even leaving the house pray to God that he leads your way ”surely goodness and mercy” will follow in all the days of your life.

  57. mnj0105
    mnj0105 says:

    I had the strangest experience today and I don’t know what to make of it. I thought I would just share it here, if for nothing other than to just get it out. Thanks for being a safe place to just share.
    I have been downtown Chicago thousands of times and today I went to a campaign office (I’m working on something this summer). My meeting was quick and since I had paid an arm and a leg to park already, and since I was alone ;), I decided to walk a few blocks over to H&M and such. All the while I had this unnerving feeling…something very odd. Made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I chalked it up to lack of sleep last night, and kept walking. It was a beautiful afternoon and I really was only there for an hour and a half.
    So, as I am starting to walk back, I see these two white men (homeless) sitting against the flower beds on State Street. I tend to just keep walking and not look because I have seen many a homeless person begging, and I know to just move on. But for some reason I looked at them. They were a few feet ahead on my right. As I did, I noticed an old bearded man who fit the description of a homeless dude, and next to him, smoking a cigarette and talking, was a kid who couldn’t be more than 20. He was filthy but you can tell he was probably very handsome under the grime. When I saw his eyes, I felt a surge of energy flow through me like nothing I have ever felt! I am not making this up. I looked at him and felt lonely, sad, desperate, and hurt all at the same time. Almost haunting me. As though I was feeling his energy for a minute. I kept walking but something made me stop, pretend to look in a window and look back at them. I felt overwhelmed with the need to be close to him. So I grabbed my wallet out of my purse and pulled out the last of the cash I had. It wasn’t much but I wrapped it tight in my hand. I walked up to them and put it in his hand. He smiled at me and they both said thank you very much. I read their sign that said “traveling, hungry, and need cash.”
    The whole way back to my car I was unnerved and couldn’t let go of the feeling. I kept seeing things I had seen hundreds of times in a strange way. The whole way home I was in tears. I am doing better now but have no idea what to make of this whole experience, if anything.
    Seriously?? Am I out of my mind?? lol! Thoughts?

  58. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    People often say I have evil eyes. I was always bullied and my upbringing was never very loving. I just seemed to lose all interest in others pain and suffering. I clearly remember (and sometimes relish) a memory of a boy from high school who hurt me, I couldn’t stop hitting him, even when people tried to take me off I kept hitting him. I sort of recall my friend talking to me afterwards. He said it wasn’t me who did this, I scared him so much he had frozen. He told me the look on my face was pure evil. The worst part is what he told me later that I had said. “I can feel his fear, I love it” I have never experienced this since but I sometimes feel like there is something evil in me wanting to get out, and it is hard to control it and keep it in.

    I have also been to counselling and in my official documents it states that I am pretty much normal. Except when I told my counsellor that story he couldn’t keep his eyes off mine and I distinctly remember pure fear in his eyes.

    Maybe I have 1 of these “evil things” inside me or I’m just a nut job. But I don’t know whether to embrace this evil or find some form of help as it is much more serious than some basic level shrink. (As a note I’m not religious so a priest is out of the question!)

  59. Jeffray
    Jeffray says:

    I have been in the south for 20 years, have had some experiences that have made me understand the Spiritual Realm better.

    I have seen “Normal people” caught as they say by the Spirit of God,


    A 68 inches tall 225 pounds “Preacher” fall limp into a the ground in his church. and start slithering through the floor around the pews like a snake while every body else is chanting and clapping and banging their heads against the walls.

    Example 2

    Leader of a Church, his eyes are sky blie. But when staring at me while talking, I can see only a dark pit, eyes gone not even the sclera. just black. He is a self proclaimed prophet.

    Esample 3

    The blank stare. in the eyes of some. The stare reminds me of some El Greco paintings. And this is while they are gossiping about the next door neighbor.

    In the Spiritual Realm there are such things as demons, who possess humans and even animals. ( familiar Spirits )

  60. 1111joe_dean1111
    1111joe_dean1111 says:

    Hi everyone my name is Joe Dean. I just joined this site to tell everyone the truth. I am apart of the Nephilm family. I didn’t ask to be like this my whole life growing up I knew I was different. Well ither boys at the age of 13 were already enjoying life I was afraid to get my first kiss because I was worried what God would think and till this day i have this feeling of urgency to help out humanity and even though I don’t make much money I like to use it to help others. I know most of you all are thinking that’s alot of people does that make them nephilm too. Lol no in case you were being a smart ass. Sometime this year I woke up and nothing was the same. Everything about life religion and history just zip into my head like a iPhone update all this information about the world and I can see all the loop holes to the way this world works that’s why I’m assuming my kind are rich because I only been awake for about a year and I have already made major changes in my life like 1. I eat way better. I realize the government is trying to kill poor communities as a population control so their doing things to the meet to make every stupid. I don’t know what it is I tried looking it up and there was something saying about GMOs and Hormones but that’s not it there doing something else to the meat that I haven’t figure out yet. So I stayaway from process food and meat well I try to stay away theres a teriyaki place that’s amazing that I call me cheat meal. When I eat pork God hates it because he touches my stomach and it fells like death. I have to spit out the pork in a napkin because the pain sucks and I love red pork from your average Chinese restaurant. I’m a normal person I just live life different. My girlfriend looks into my eyes as well and at first she got scared but it’s something we can’t control our soul is dying I wish their was something we can do to stop that process but when God sees us as mature adults he wakes us up and then we start to die and we walk around the earth soul less and assume rich too because making money is no longer a difficult thing to do anymore I only been awake for about a year and I’m already opening a business wich would blow my teachers away because I was never a smart student and I hated school but none of that matters. Point is im not here to harm anyone I’m living this curse till God comes to destroy evil and then he will judge us for the lives we lived. God wants to see us do good he wants us influence his children to do good and sometimes he gives me ideas too. Like all this past year in 2014 I fed over 1,000 homeless people and it was easy. Every Sunday I bought like 100 jumbo jacks and the next month a friend will donate food and clothes and so on and son my power of influence was like a dominos affect. I’m born just like you I have child hood memories just like you with normal parents who are your average family. You know your average american family like we think we’re religious because we go to church maybe 7 times a year. Oh and before I go God dosnt want you all to go to church he wants to see your actions he wants you to physically get up off your ass and do something for someone knowing that they will never be able to do for you in return. Do you honestly think showing up to a building with a cross on it makes you a good person lol honestly think about it. God rather see you kiss you mom or dad that your not very close to than see you drive to a building because you think that’s the right thing. Church is to educate and teach the minds of his children history and future it’s not a place you can push the reset button on your sins that your more than likly to do again and again and if you would like to know more about my kind you can read more about us in the apocryphal in the book of Enoch. Oh I’m sorry I’m case your wondering what’s the apocryphal? It’s the pages your religion rip out to keep us hidden and you under more control and no I’m not religious I didn’t ask for this information I just know a lot crap.

  61. kate.h
    kate.h says:

    I worked with this woman who was as normal as everyone else it seemed. I seen her just about everyday for months, talked to her and everything. Nothing was wrong with her. However, as I was working alone in the back one day, she walked by and glanced at me and her face was distorted. Evil like I was looking at a demon with yellow eyes. I blinked and her face was normal and she kept walking. I was in shock and was slightly shaking. I didn’t know what to say or do and I kept questioning what I had just saw. She ended up getting fired shortly after for stealing money, but I can’t get that face out of my head. What did I see?

  62. RamboAmy86
    RamboAmy86 says:

    I’m so glad I found this article!!! I don’t know what it is about me but I have a very strong sixth sense. I can sense dangerous people and situations from a mile away. It is so strong that I never ignore it when I feel it. Now, Im not one of those weird people who believe in psychics or witches or anythings, but all I know is that I can feel people’s energy on them, I don’t know how but I am very sensitive to it. There is only one person who has gave me that complete and total evil feeling and I will never ever forget it. It was about 2 years ago, I was on the bus going home from work at around 10pm at night. There was a short hispanic man sitting in front of me with his head turned forward. For some strange reason, I felt something strange about him. I hadn’t seen his face yet and his clothes were clean and normal but I was picking up on something that wasn’t right. Then suddenly he jerked his head in my direction almost as if I was calling his name. He stared at me with a blank and unforgettable stare. I looked him in the eye and then looked down at my phone. I could still feel his stare even as I looked down at my phone. His eyes were the most evil eyes I’ve ever felt. I felt like I saw the Devil himself in that man’s eyes. Like an unthinkable type of evil lived within him. I didn’t want to look back at him but I did anyway because I felt like he needed to know that I wasn’t afraid. His eyes were dark but he looked at me with a sense of amusement and interest but his eyes were wide open and he barely blinked. I gave him another long stare, but this time I gave him a very “I see you” type of stare. Then all of the sudden his interest in me had broken and he quickly turned his head away from. Something told me to get off the bus now! Even though I was a few blocks away from my apartment. So I jumped off the bus and walked the rest of the way home. I will never forget that day. I was 100% sure that that man was not a good person and that he was even a very dangerous person, no doubt in my mind. I have felt similar things about people and situations and I was right. I even had an experience where I was unusually worried about my sister one day so I called her to ask if she was ok. Turned out some stranger was following right when I called her and she was scared and freaking out. I don’t know whats wrong with me or how to explain what I do but I can feel and see what people are. And not just evil, I can sense happiness, despair, loneliness, disdain…I can read a person’s life without them even opening their mouths. I was Goolging stuff like this to see if other people experience what I experience and I found this article. Im happy to know that Im not the only one! I have many other stories but too much to type now, lol.

  63. mandelbrotset
    mandelbrotset says:

    I am somewhat like the last respondent, able to sense evil in others. Perhaps it is because there are so many evil and dangerous people in my family. They are all law abiding citizens. But they delight in discord and madness and inciting havoc in an insidious manner. I’ve spent my life trying to deflect their effects, trying to fill the world with good intentions to counter their destructive ones. Yet I am often filled with strong and uncertain feelings as a result of battling this alone. I found this blog while searching Google for a way to find out if I was evil, because I sometimes feel I need an objective judge as I have found that the line between good and evil can often be murky and relative. My favorite quote on the subject is by George Lucas: “Evil people don’t think they are committing evil. They think they are doing good, from their point of view.” And this is certainly true.

    Evil can be sometimes seen in the eyes as a hot black angry flash that lances its victims and leaves a scar. This is common among younger people and is more prevalent in men. There is a hormonal component to this kind of evil that dissipates with age and wisdom and the mastery of emotions. But there is another type of evil that can be seen through the eyes. I have personally seen this twice and both times in the eyes of elderly people. One was a busybody woman who lived in my mother’s apartment building. The other was an uncle, formerly very pleasant, but at that time convalescing in a nursing home. Both times I found myself recoiling in horror and dread when I locked eyes with these people. I felt their eyes profoundly change as they met mine, in such a way that I had the feeling that they were somehow violating me, extracting or corrupting some private part of me, eating and consuming me through their eyes. It’s interesting to note that that each of these people died within a short period of time following these experiences.

    For most of the history of the human race and across all cultures, the idea of the evil eye, or eyes that emit evil, was taken to be an indisputable fact and many signs and symbols that we take for granted nowadays were in fact originally in use to deter the effects, or mislead the gaze of the evil eye. It will be interesting to see if 21st century medical science will resurrect a valid basis for further research in this area.

  64. melissamichelle
    melissamichelle says:

    My mother and I pulled into a grocery store in Aurora Illinois to do some shopping. I remember feeling someone staring at me as I was digging in my purse still sitting in my truck. My mother asked me if I knew the woman staring at me? I said no but never looked up at the women. Of course my mother wanted to know why I never looked at the woman to confirm if I knew her. I simply told her that I could feel the woman was not good. I remember my mother didn’t want to go into the store anymore because she was scared. I told my mother that evil is scared of us especially if we can see them. I remember walking into the grocery store and seeing the woman trying to hide from us. As I would go down every aisle to get the groceries that I needed every time I could envision her eyes staring at me I would look at the end of the aisle and would see her cross and look at me with black eyes. It’s creepy but I see them often in certain areas.

    Another incident was with a friend of mine named Tia. She was taking me to purchase a puppy from one of her coworkers. The gentleman was a police officer and he had his wife with him. The man brought the puppies out of his truck so I could take a look at the puppies he had left. The wife finally got out of the truck to come say hello and I remember her saying hi to my friend and also her smiling at her husband and saying they only had two left. Everything seemed fine until I took a good look at her and she looked right into my eyes and I could see her black eyes. The woman was so scared that she looked away and then acted very nervous and frantic to get back into her truck. The man looked at me as if I did something wrong and my friend Tia gave me a strange look and ask what was that about? I simply said I didn’t know. When my friend and I got back into her truck she asked me again why did the woman act that way and I told her that her eyes turn jet black. Her coworker text her before we even left the parking lot wanting to know what That was about. She told him. Not sure what happened after that. My friend never brought it up again.

    I always wondered why these people have black eyes. And why am I able to see them? But I’m not scared of them. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior So these people have no power over us.

    PS I’m sorry for the bad punctuation and grammar But I’m working with an iPhone That is not cooperating

  65. scorched
    scorched says:


    I am most likely gonna be deemed “mentally unstable” after posting this, but who cares right? You’ll notice the quotation marks…

    Please don’t get me wrong. I am by no means different than normal. I don’t pretend to be mysterious. I am average at most.

    I made friends with a person I really should not have. He was literally dressed in black, always. For the sake of professionalism, I tried to keep my beliefs to myself seeing as this meeting was set in the working environment. We became good friends. One day we engaged in conversation, and he told me his about his past. He was involved in a satanic cult. He explained in detail about what the rituals would comprise of. He was always paranoid that he would be found. Said one can never leave. Never entered a dark room or building. Never went outside after dark. Went crazy when the wind would russle the fallen leafs. After the information oversharing took place, I drove home – and literally had to stop at the side of the road, brought on by nausia. After thinking about the situation, I figured that God would not send someone across my path, if I couldn’t handle it. I decided to make a Christian out of him yet.

    After several months of pushing and insisting, he started to go to church. He no longer wore his usual dark attire, and everyone noticed the change in him.

    One night I was visiting. We conversed in our usual manner. We were talking about his new found Christianity. Abruptly, his mood changed. He darkened, and as I looked at him -his face contorted. Almost warping. He smiled, and said: “…what are you going to do now, now its just us…?” (Translated). I got up and walked fast paced towards the door. Before I could open it, he grabbed my shoulder, turned me around – and pussed me against the wall. With his hand on my throat, he picked me up with one hand against the wall. My feet kicking in mid air.

    I still don’t know how I got free. I remember locking myself in a room and praying.

    The next day, he had no recollection of this incident. After that day, very unusual things started happening to me and my whole life (at that stage) fell apart. I tried to commit suicide. When it didn’t work – I resigned, and started a new life elsewhere.

    I know how this sounds, and to be quite frank – I don’t really care if I am believed or not. I simply make the argument: you can’t go to church, and believe there – and come out here, and then deny the existance of the spiritual realm.

    Also I want to apologise for my grammar and spelling
    English is not my mother tongue.

  66. scorched
    scorched says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention, that when I shared my experiences, I was called “mentally unstable”.

    I have one more of these rather tall ‘tales’ to tell, should anyone be interested.

  67. Tylor Coyne
    Tylor Coyne says:

    Well I have a life story on this…..
    All my life I have been shunned, looked down upon and told in the night my eyes look freaky if they are open buy my partners threw out my life. I’m left alone but few stay with as friends. I’m not sure why but even been kicked out of churches and even stared at by all in them….. I have seen the picts of Lucifer in many of ways and well…. Snap. Some look like me or my boy.. Religious people make my partner leave me, they have tried to tear me down but few with a open mind and i do thank them for being so kind…. I have read about Lucifer and all his good and bad… Oddly I can’t help but help people but I rebel as well… I once went to church and was booted out because they refused to hear me out. I was whipped by a wet towel and swar really loud as all laughed at me and no one stopped it… I have had a plain look on my face all my life. I even have pictures showing so….. I feel loved by most women and hated by most men. But it seems at the age of 35 now I hear I have that look in me. No mater where I go the hardest of men want to shake my hand and or say hello. Even when I dress respectful. And I mean every hard knock that walks by always says hello to me and I have no clue who some of them are…. As a child all beat me for nothing and was shoved aside. I turned bad breaking law to have the big boys at my side to stop this cruelty and it worked.. Lol I’m only 5-4 and anyone that comes my wanting to fight me backs away. I’m told I’m evil and brutal when I fight. But it’s only because I’m so use to groups of 5 to 15 or more coming at me for nothing at all.. Why? I ask myself and can never figure this out…. I snapped one day on a guy that is usually in a group beating on me and I put him in the hospital the first time I have ever fought back. He was so ashamed he never told the cops who done it but i sure did… I needed that to stop people.. and most have been 2 to 3 times my size and only few bigger then that… But I have a look in my eyes most say devilish… I can’t see it.. Am I blind to my own looks.. But if I shave me curls off I look like one hard dude so I keep it… I am liked by many people don’t get me wrong please. I’m one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet but also one to have that has your back because for a 5-4 foot man at 135lbs i can lift and move whats in my way. I’m a hard worker. Worked on farms and construction. I can starve for days never loosing energy and I cet cut doing so.. I have a natural buil that never leaves me.. Trust me I’m a cook now for 7 months and eat only fries to destroy my looks and its just looking better.. lol… No joke.. I’m the only one with my name and you can find me on facebook….. Thats where I have picts still but I have a hacker destroying me daily and deleting things… He is actually bringing the evil in me out and I’m struggling really hard to be good.. I’m feared by people even those that don’t know me and told so. I hate it… What is it about me and my eyes people are scared of?? Yes Now you have one of those people all talk about on this talking… I’m not a bad man.. I enjoy helping people but I have the evil look in my eyes that look right threw you like you are not there…. The only time I smile if with my kids or around people laughing it up ha ha ha ha.. Seriously I’m one of the nicest people ever to meet and put myself last to help out those that truly need it. Even went to jail stealing food from a food bank that refused a family food and i was Tired of seeing a little girl starve when she came home from school. Even the school fed the child. I felt so bad…I was named the young robin hood of the valley…. Lol yes proud of it and will do it again if I’m broke….. But I don’t want to help anymore but I have to… Lol so not evil.. But sometimes in my picts I do look evil and that’s very few that I see….. Lol and no worries about your punctuation and grammar.. I suck at it.. My english grades was 1 mark past the passing point.. Bwaahahahahahaha. Feel free to msg me and I do not want anyone ignorant talking to me.. lol for some reason it sets me a bad mood.. I would like to start smiling some day and tired of being attacked verbally and physically…

  68. Tylor Coyne
    Tylor Coyne says:

    And Joe Dean I hear your sorrow…. I’d actually like to hear from you…….. i can be found on facebook.. I’m the only with my name… mixed race curly hair

  69. Moke
    Moke says:

    I think evil comes from groups who pick on a good individual and insight evil in him. It’s a tactic of destroying good. The evil people see in eyes is a reflection of how that person feels after being picked on by the evil group. The groups that insight evil are not noticed by people until they get picked on. Good people have a lot of help from good forces, and hopefully it’s enough to stay good.

  70. jes327
    jes327 says:

    What the man saw in the woman’s eyes and face was actually a negative entity attachment as they are called today. Some people call them negative energies, some people refer to them as demons. The man cutting the woman’s hair is most-likely intuitive to a degree or has his 3rd eye open. Somehow the negative entities discovered that the man could see them if they appeared. Since it has happened once chances are it will happen again as the man is now pretty much a target for negative entities’ entertainment. He needs to learn not to be afraid of seeing them and needs to learn how to remove negative energy attachments from himself. Peter Michaels offers much information online and he sells a technique that honestly works to remove negative entity attachments from yourself. He describes symptoms people suffer when the person has negative energy attachements. He teaches how the energies enter a person, he teaches the whole nine yards! It is very important stuff because so many people today have negative energy attachments without even realizing! It took me 30 years and several hospitalizations and many medications before I finally started to learn. I’ve been medication and hospitalization-free for almost 15 years now. I still however see demons in people, I sometimes see them in the air, even inside my house! I just use the technique I had learned and I try not to attract more! Demons or negative energies/entities enjoy trying to torment people who can see them. I’ve been able now to see them for like 35 years. I no longer flinch when I see them, I’ve seen thousands. Whenever I see them in a person I’m talking to – I realize whatever the person says or does will not exactly be helpful to me. It happened again to me today while I was at McDonald’s! LOL I was at the drive-up window to pick-up my order. When a woman came to the window to give me my order I could see a demon in her eyes and it jumped out trying to get inside of me. It failed however because I was ready for it. as you people call it. I saw the demon before it jumped out. I knew also to check my order when the woman handed me the bag. I NEVER check my order at the drive-up! I only usually check-it after when I park the car to eat. However, since I saw the demon I knew to check my order at the window. I was sure something would be wrong with my order. And low and behold looked inside the bag. Instead of two quarter-pounders with cheese I had two regular cheeseburgers. The woman also forgot my drink. When I mentioned this the woman requested me to provide my receipt which didn’t surprise me. A demon will do all it can to cause havoc or misery to others. I had crumpled-up my receipt, but I remained pleasant and managed to find it inside my car. I knew if I got angry the demon within the woman would only enjoy seeing me tormented that much more! They LOVE causing misery and humiliation even to the point of causing people to feel suicidal! That’s why in today’s age it’s quite important to learn about these things and to learn how to live so to attract negative entities or demons as little as possible! I realize all this sounds so far-fetched, right? What can I say? Some people have told me I’m very gifted psychically. Two priests once told me I may have been given a gift called discernment. I had seen a psychologist about six years ago for a couple of months. He told me what I see and experience might be real. All I can say is “might be real” is better than being labeled a nut-case or schizophrenic!

  71. Chris-wiggins
    Chris-wiggins says:

    okay my story is completely true i know what i saw. I went to shambalah music festival in salmo, british columbia. I was at one the stages walking around with my buddies checkin things out. we go down a hallway and all of a sudden i feel someone grab my shoulder, immediately i get a feeling that somethings wrong. I turned around to see a young adult male smiling at me, right away i looked at his eyes and they were slitted like a snake and a sense of dread came over me. I knew without even saying talking to him that this kid was evil. Like I said he was smiling at me like he knew what i was seeing and then he asked me, “do you know where i can get some coke”? which i felt weirded out because my friend had brought a bunch up there to sell an it was like he knew already that my buddy was selling. The whole time i was staring into these almost trance like eyes and after he asked me the question his eyes literally glazed over like he had a second eyelid or something like a sharks or a snakes and blinked without closing his eyes. That was enough for my instincts to tell me to get the fuck out of there so briskly walked ahead and got away from that creepy kid. My friend had seen the same kid and the same thing happened, he said his eyes blinked but is eyelids didn’t close it was like a snakes or sharks second eyelid that is for protection if theres any biologists out there. After seeing that i came to the conclusion that the man that i had seen was possessed by a demon, i remember hearing a lot of satanic techno music at this festival music that just gives you a bad vibe. Other then that have no idea what i saw that night

  72. Wilbeth
    Wilbeth says:

    I dated a man when I was in my late teens / early 20’s – turned out not to be a serious relationship though I was quite infatuated with him at the time. Anyways we both went our separate ways – no great break up just we were both travelling and went in different directions.

    About ten years later, now married with one daughter (though the relationship was ending and I was seeking a divorce. ) I heard from this man – I was surprised at how he found me. I’d moved several times, my name had changed. (This all happened prior to the internet). I was in quite a low place at the time and was flattered that he had taken the time to track me down. Part of me hoped that maybe something could be rekindled. We lived in different countries, he was from Finland and I was living in England.

    We kept in communication by mail and telephone – once or twice a month. There was not mention of any rekindling of a relationship however I was happy to have this friend back in my life. I decided that I would visit him – and made plans to fly to Finland later that year (about 6 months time ). When the time came I traveled to Helsinki with my daughter (18 months) His home was 4 hours drive away and we got on as if no time had passed. We talked and talked, went out for dinner, went on walks etc. There were no romantic feelings between us though I was happy in his company and enjoying the friendship and the break from routine. My little girl however had quite a high temperature with no obvious cause – we took her to see a doctor and they could find nothing wrong – so we managed her ‘illness’ with infant paracetamol and kept her cool.

    The day before we were due to leave we were sat watching the TV ( we are both F1 fans ) whilst watching the race I looked across at him to speak and at that moment I glanced across it was as if I was looking into the eyes of Satan. I can’t really describe it – though I knew as I recognized what I had seen – that he had seen that I had seen who he was and that I knew. I felt very stunned and couldn’t say anything for a few seconds. He said nothing either just stared at me. I pulled myself together and tried talking as if nothing had occurred, all the while telling myself that I was mistaken. From that point on wards things became very stilted between us, conversation was difficult and the time dragged until I left which was thankfully the next morning. Neither of us spoke about what had happened – he made no acknowledgement which was odd because if I had been mistaken he would have asked “What was the matter, why I had become quiet or withdrawn. He never did. There was no argument – we continued as nothing had happened. I felt that it was too dangerous to confront him and I was not prepared to put my little girl in danger.I left for England the next day and never heard from him again. Interestingly my daughters temp went back to normal and to this day I have no idea what was wrong. I am convinced though that I had seen something very evil – whether it was him or something in him I’ll never know!

  73. mhtstw
    mhtstw says:

    I know that blank stare look all too well. I had never heard about it in regards to possession until I worked for a really evil woman. I noticed that she would just blankly stare off into dove while she talked to me. Still, it never occurred to me what it was a sign of. Then I saw it again in the face of another employer of mine. That’s when it occurred to me that something was wrong.

    I also saw an unnatural look before in the eyes of someone I was interviewing with once. He looked like a predator sizing me up for a meal. It was very odd. I still think about it years later.

  74. Blessed333
    Blessed333 says:

    When I saw the look of evil in my best friend’s eyes on Sunday, August 21st, I came out of denial that my friend seems as if she has been possessed by some demon. It was raw hatred. It seemed surreal but it was actually happening. And, for the first time in my life I realized that this person really did not like me. She was playing possum all the time. I left home 47 years ago, and we have mostly communicated through cards on special occasions. The undertones were there, but I kept ignoring them. We gathered for our 50th class reunion, and varoom!!! Out comes this demon, and the persecution that it brings with it. It is very painful, but I have been dealing it, and allowing the healing process to begin. Right now, I am grieving the loss.

  75. Rikki
    Rikki says:

    In 2002, I attended a Christmas Street Party which went terribly wrong.
    What I will say is that I returned home as a different person after what I had experienced.
    My husband left the party and said why don’t you stay you deserve some time out. I had just had my second child 8 months prior to this evening.
    I did stay but I will regret it for the rest of my life.
    Neighbours began to disappear and a female neighbour urged me to come to her house (which I should have)
    I remember sitting down on an esky and my friend’s husband offered me something to drink and he said he had a wine especially for me.
    I remember sitting there and then I stood up as I felt really spooked but I wasn’t listening to my internal warning system to leave but I turned to him and looked at him and his whole face turned evil.. That is the time which I should have run but I didn’t and that’s because I told myself ‘don’t be silly he’s a neighbour he wouldn’t hurt me’.
    I even asked him to walk me home and on the way home we ran into another male neighbour -they both linked my arms in theirs and then my nightmare began as I broke away and they ran after me and pushed my head so hard up against my garage door and knocked me semi unconscious I won’t go on at this would bring up terrible memories but I will say yes I have seen the evil in men and I believe that the way the face changed momentarily to evil was a warning to me to get out of there and it was probably God who was warning me about these men who were full of evil thoughts and actions.
    From this experience I have encountered over 11 years of therapy and finally managed to find the best dr in the world who believed my experience and finally resolved my despair. I’m happy and healthy and believe now that I can live a life full of hope.
    Wishing all the best.

  76. Ell02
    Ell02 says:

    Hi there, I have read some of these stories and cant definantly relate some of the bizzare experiences others have had in the eyes of another, but the story i’d like to share was not what I seen in one’s eyes, it’s what I had refused to see.
    So i was on a stroll about 12 months ago to the local shops, when Id noted approximatly 60 meters ahead, was what I had assumed was a red haired lady. She had had the biggest limp and a thought crossed my mind ‘that I would not look her in the eye as she was disabled and that wud be rude’.
    Looking back on, I had absoloutly no idea where that thought generated from as that type of thinking is not apart of my normal thought process.
    As I drew closer and closer my thoughts were very adament regarding not looking this person in the eye. As this person was upon me for the reason of my thought process I’d kept my eyes directly in front of me, I hadn’t even considered for a moment to make any eye contact.
    Then in the moment as they were passing as if something else was controlling my will, I had found myself locked on to there face as they had been mine. But what was even more strange than the hole experience was that all I had seen while being locked in a stare with this person was a red goatee which was so close it was blurry. I had found myself consumed in fear and I had wanted to run but I didn’t, I had just kept strolling foward. I did take a peek back after I had felt I may have been a safe distance where Id found this person was still limping in there direction but staring back with what Id felt was hatreds finest. That experience and fear that created had made me consider a different route home but it would have been much longer so decided against it and to my relief I didnt cross.. Watever it was that I had on the walk up.
    My intuition has really grown from this point and I understand this is where the thought I had regarding not looking at their eyes, but I still dont really understand what that person was or what may have occured if my heart had not spoken up.

  77. Ell02
    Ell02 says:

    Id also like to mention that I have seen that empty and pure evil look in the eyes of my sister when she was lashing out at me as she had done regularly. She had told me she wanted to kill me and I had seen her look that absoloutly verified that. She denies her any mental instability but it’s always been clearly obvious to me. She has admitted that she is jeleous of the weight she has always had and the weight that I dont. I don’t see this as a good enough reason to project such hate at a sibling but as I stated I find her to be mentally unstable. I never really considered that look that carried such evil as a means to define her as I understand she is just mixed up and from what I have experinced what projects evil is not nescessarily a lost cause to good.

  78. ElizaBennetisMyGirlCrush
    ElizaBennetisMyGirlCrush says:

    This happened about 4 years ago when I was working at a coffee shop. Out of my peripheral vision I saw a couple walk in. Him, very thin almost anorexic young white male. Blond dressed in that rockabilly fashion with tattoos. Her, hispanic young female, voluptuous,red jeans, black top ,long hair. I greeted the young man and than turned to greet the young woman but this cold fear hit me deep inside and I was too afraid to look into her face, so I greeted her midsection. During the transaction I was focusing my attention on the young man smiling and chatting getting their drinks. He was mainly looking at the counter not really talking. I could see her out of the corner of my eye, standing slightly behind him to the side and she said , very softly, “you’re a loser.” Normally, if anyone said something like that to me I would have said something back. Something not very nice. But I was just too freaking scared. I wanted them to just get their drinks and go. Have you read that book Good Omens by terry pratchett & neil gaimen ? In the book two of the characters an Angel, Aziraphale and a demon, Crowley meet regularly for lunch. I wonder if my local angel/demon duo had a coffee date that evening.

  79. rl_sarazin
    rl_sarazin says:

    Chris-Wiggins, I also had an experience like yours. I heard a knock on my door one day. I opened up and looked into the eyes of two men who introduced themselves as jahovah witnesses. They both had snake like slits for eyes and most of the eyes were completely white around the slits. The eyes appeared too pop out at me like 3-d, and the sense of dread that rushed through my mind and body, paralyzed me with intense fear. I was completely frozen in place and utterly terrified. I had seen demonic contacts since 2001 my freshman year of highschool, but I was never afraid before when I looked into those other peoples eyes who were just wearing what were clearly contacts. The Jahovah witnesses than said they would like to come inside and teach me about jesus christ our lord and savior, but I sensed pure evil and hatred in them, I just couldn’t take my eyes off of their eyes, I was completely mesmorized and entranced. I told them that I knew enough about jesus christ and that maybe they could come back some other time. I had the sense that they knew that I could see them, and they might have known which individuals have paranormal abilities.I have had other paranormal experiences throughout my life. But that was the only time, that I looked into these mens eyes and saw evil. I was so shook about the entire experience and have never forgotten it even though it happened about 2011 or 2012.

  80. jeaninhemlock
    jeaninhemlock says:

    Not sure if this is “evil”, or what….. Twice now, i’ve been in a room with a glass door. Outside the glass door, a man was able to stare, and make the door between us disappear. (Different men in the two cases; years apart.) In the second case, i had a casual interaction with the man. I was frightened by him, for no known reason. When he left the building, i thought, “He’s going to leave the room, turn around in the entry way, and make the door disappear. Don’t look. Don’t look. Don’t look.” But after i heard the door close, i looked up. He was staring at me, and the door between us disappeared for a moment. Then he gave a satisfied grin, and turned away. Things went back to normal. I have to watch my own strength and health, apparently, so i’m not susceptible to “that”…..????? Whatever “that” is…… Evil or not, i have no idea…….. But i definitely sensed the man’s “strength”, in both cases, before it happened.

  81. Juliekane
    Juliekane says:

    My HVSBEN joedarren;

    is wanting me to post a Question for The Him. When seeing the evil, not feeling the vibe of it Just sensing the presence, but SEEING evil reveal itself on another human. Has anyone, or even yourself stood ground and not let the fear overtake you? The Him, JC, I feel is calling us together. rabbet3724@yahoo.com

  82. ineed2know
    ineed2know says:

    No lie I’ve seen these eyes on everyone (family,friends, etc.)are leat once.. they say I’m trippin. But I know wat I see. No matter who it is it is always noticed in heartfelt 1 on 1 conversation.

  83. ineed2know
    ineed2know says:

    I always shut up and focus harder when I notice it. ie I just let them talk and I listen and watch very attentively

  84. dzuniga770
    dzuniga770 says:

    10.5 years later, and I happen to have an opinion to share on this. I actually have near black eyes. In some (most) lighting they appear to be pitch black. Because of this people tend to feel nervous under my gaze, or they feel uneasy around me. I’ve trained myself to not look people in the eyes directly because of this. Evil or good is not an inherent thing for a human being. Evil or good is as subjective as wrong or right, and it usually depends on who you are around. The eyes may be the window to the soul, but if there is something truly evil hiding inside of a person, I don’t think it would be standing out the window with the curtains wide open. Furthermore, as human beings tend to have a motive for almost everything we do, conscious or not, to achieve a goal (subconsciously learning to do things so we didn’t get smacked in the head as a child or to accomplish a certain goal, achievement, or acknowledgement from our peers), I think it would be really difficult to classify anything remotely human as good or evil. It is simply a means to an end to some people out there. Or maybe, I just don’t understand the world. Who knows? The internet will tell me what they I think.

  85. YouwouldKnow
    YouwouldKnow says:

    I feel like I can see demons inside possessing some people. They look so dark and dis colored and their eyes look like they have so much evil like they want to hurt me. I’ve watched many videos of people that migh be possess in real life. I feel like I can actually see the person switching from there true form to the form of the demon, and then back and forth.
    Can you help?

  86. Coastal
    Coastal says:

    Hello Tess,
    I don’t know if you’ll ever see this and I apologize for dredging up on of your long dead topics. I came across your blog with this topic via an internet search and wanted to contribute and maybe purge a little bit also. First of all..I consider myself a somewhat sane and rational person. I function well in society and try to live a life without friction while focusing on family, self interests and local matters in my community. Having said that if a good friend or acquaintance or even my wife approached me with a story bordering on fantastic disbelief such as seeing an alien, bigfoot or discource with a spiritual body I would immediately be apprehensive and although I would like to believe them…I don’t know if I could. Unless we experience for ourselves directly its a bit hard to accept some things on blind faith.
    As for myself..I don’t see it in their eyes. I feel it when they are in the vicinity. At times its like someone whacked me in the forehead with a hammer and I sense them. They see me also. Their are two varieties: the peaceful ones that radiate power but try to mask their presence and remain unnoticed, and the evil ones with no moral complusions whatsoever. The peaceful ones will sometimes appear older but their bodies are new unblemished and unwrinkled. With the evil variety they will sometimes walk in a disjointed manner as if unfamiliar with how to properly use or connect with the body in which they reside. If you notice them…they immediately know that you can see them and will turn and look directly at you and try to engage. Making your mind clear of thought will confuse them and they will leave you alone. As if what they felt or noticed was an imperception or incorrect blip on their part. Since childhood I have had random OBE’s and can see them while in astral form. I see them contained within the human form. One day I will have the courage to approach and talk to one…not the bad ones….sadly they are mostly what I see. I believe we are all born with different inherent gifts and/or abilities. I also know that I have some unusual abilities or a brain tumor, lol. But not really funny. I know as humans we are the centers of our own universe’s and believe that we are most important and that what we say is truly implortant ( to ourselves anyway) while to others it looks like complete nonsense or ignorance. But…anyways hopefully I have given you some belated fuel for thought and you might gain something for a future novel. If you would like any more information you have my email. I am not looking for any counseling, guidance or future compensation of any sort. Just taking advantage of your past desire for knowledge and an opportunity for myself to discreetly purge…thx again!!

  87. Akiman
    Akiman says:

    Whether I truly witnessed evil through someones eyes or not, a power exist within one’s eyes, and as I have realized, not everyone is able to detect these presences. Then again, we can’t be so sure. Some may possess this ability and never go through a spine-chilling experience. Others–perhaps for their own good–may be having brunch with an evil person and not realize what is going on (ignorance can be bliss sometimes).

    I’ve always been interested in eyes. To me they do carry an aura or energy that cannot be translated. I have met with people who have given off the most benevolent of intentions in simply looking at you. Their look is full of life, eyes open and relaxed, shininess in their pupils and a tender smile. These individuals bring out the best in you. You render yourself to them for that single moment and rejoice together in the walk of life. They say body language accounts for most of our communication, with only their glance, you cannot help but to reciprocate this tenderness.

    Before I go any further, I believe there are many looks, glares or stares. There are sad ones, angry ones, lost ones, confused, out of phase, etc.

    I have met with people who’s stares I have averted. Some perhaps were that of older people (this was around my teen years). For some reason, certain older individuals possessed a power only attainable by experiences and living for a long time. Their looks are often hardened with time. Often they had a serious undertone, they do not flinch easily or become nervous and disrupt eye-contact (not everyone however). Others exerted a certain confidence that overpowered me, as if I was being looked at on purpose and there was no shame in doing so.

    None of this are evil, at least what I think is evil. A true evil person can hide in plain sight but usually give themselves away due to their shark-like eyes. It is a cold, barren stare which projects nothing but the intention to torment.

    I met such a force once. It was New Year’s eve and me and some relatives were coming back from an all-night outing (ice-skating, eating, smoking). It was past midnight for sure; heavy traffic had all but disappeared by now and without all the usual commotion, you could actually hear the city’s own background noise. Like any other day, we decided to take the train back home. We hurried to the station in order to get the best seats. Some of the family, my cousins especially, decided to just be reckless and run down the stairs and then pass by several carts. I was part of the group of course and in that moment it was fun, until however, we reached an empty cart. Everyone was excited of course; there were plenty of seats and no one had to rush to get any. As the train doors opened, we immediately understood why the cart was empty. Someone had left the biggest pile of dung in the very middle of the floor. Everyone laughed–even me, and at the time I brushed it off as insignificant.

    I don’t remember whether we hopped into the next cart or a different one a few carts ahead but I do remember that ride.
    As we entered, we noticed that it was very crowded. Naturally a few of us scattered here and there to find seats or just some space where they could stand more comfortably. Me and two of my cousins decided to stay close to the exit doors. I was right in front of the doors, looking across to the other side of the train, to my left was my cousin and to my right was a man, sitting with his head bowed, swinging it back and forth, saying things under his breath no one could understand. At first I didnt think much of this man. I thought he was just sadly, one of those people who lose their shit and started talking to themselves and whatnot.

    The ride continued, this was starting to feel like a long ride. People were getting off and in my mind I was somehow hoping this man to my right would see his stop and bounce. The man kept chanting and giggling in the strangest of ways. The sounds that were coming off from him seemed unnatural as if the wrong notes were being used to mimic laughter and chit-chatter. He then took out an air-freshener and proceed to spray his “personal space” for the lack of a better phrase. My cousins were having the time of their lives. They were amused and were mocking him left and right. Normally this would be strange-yet-funny to me too but there was a way in which he did it that augmented his obscurity. An eerie motion of his hand, waving left to right and then in circular motions and suddenly he would stop, put it back in his bag and repeat the process. It was clear to me then and now, that man was not a lunatic. By then I felt very uneasy and even warned my cousins to stop mocking this guy. I told them “something is off maaan…something is off..”. One of them heeded my advice and stopped goofing around.

    What I did next defined my experience. I did the stupid thing of switching place and walk across the other side of the train so that I could be face-to face with him. As I began to look at him, he began to rock back and forth more frequently. His giggle was uncontrollable by now and in that very moment he lifted his head and showed his face for the first time.
    There are perhaps no words that can describe fully the moment of dread I felt when he looked at me so profoundly with his small slit-shaped eyes and sharp grin. His eyes were scary, truly scary. I immediately looked away and bowed my head for the rest of the ride. I could not bare to see that face again and so I prayed that he would leave soon. He did.

    The very next stop, he grabbed his bag and walked out of the doors like any other person.

    Was it coincidence I saw so much fecal matter moments prior to meeting that guy? In many scripture, feces is a symbol of uncleanliness and wickedness. And what about his sudden departure right after our little staring-contest?

    I hope I never see something like that again. I will continue to do good and find the benevolence in all of us.

  88. oscar.gonzalez.35741@gmail.com
    oscar.gonzalez.35741@gmail.com says:

    Yesterday I was at the gas pump. Next to me was a dark haired beauty. Everything about her was perfect. I could see her lingering as if trying to avoid looking in my direction. I couldn’t stop glancing over to see who she was. I felt a Christian type of connection. When our eyes met, her eyes turned bright like the sun emitting its own light. It was peaceful and yet alarming.

    I am a believer in God the Father our creator and His Son Jesus Christ. Since I was in the middle of a good deed I just assumed that it was one of God’s angels making sure I was doing a good job. God’s angels are beautiful. I’m still in awe.

  89. sashymama
    sashymama says:

    I am a highly sensitive person, an empath you could say. I can sense feelings, moods,energies, basically anything to do with the vibrations of living beings and more. I can feel the things others feel and take on a lot of other people’s energies alot of times it’s because I am trying to make them feel better than they were when I felt what I was feeling from them..
    Earlier today, My girlfriend and I, as well as her dog,were driving around when we came to a red light. Seemingly out of nowhere a man panhandling appears at my girlfriend’s window..It was an unusual area, and time to do so regular clothing that seemed odd on a panhandler.I remember thinking he looked out of place or something I couldn’t place. He slowly moves his cup side to side it make an eerie jingle and we said no waving him off. He stood there staring and mumbling something I couldn’t hear. The dog started growling, I suddenly got an intense panic need to lock and close everything up in the car, I told my gf to lock the doors quick, she stared at him and didn’t move. At that time her energy flooded around me and I could feel fear and sick to my stomach. The dog was intensifying her growling to barking, and I encouraged her and kept petting her urging her to do so and protect us from the thing. He seemed to be distracted by this and was walking around to the rear, GREEN LIGHT! My gf was beside herself, she said the man looked IDENTICAL in almost every way to her father she is recently estranged with. IDENTICAL in everyway EXCEPT, His eyes were black..Not dark like some people have but SOULLESS BLACK empty kind. She said she couldn’t stop staring into his eyes,that she was terrified and feeling sick and panicky &tried to look away but couldn’t. When I told her to lock the doors, she told me she froze and couldn’t move, like she was paralyzed. She started to get more upset than I’ve ever seen or felt from her before, she was in turn causing me to start to feel the same. She didn’t believe in this kind of stuff, until then, she said because she FELT it, like it touched her soul, and like it took something away with it. When she described that to me, I knew she finally truly believed because she experienced it. What I want to know, is if anyone can help me figure out what that was all about? What that meant,what it was all about etc. It could be bad magic being put on her, or spirits trying to get attention, I don’t know, but I NEED to figure it out.. if anyone has some insight it would be greatly appreciated, thank you

  90. MS
    MS says:

    I have always been IN TUNE with the metaphysical, my whole life. I can see those who are of the realm of which most of you have spoken. I want to state that I am here at this blog in an attempt to find others like me. Everyone has the ability, we are born with it. But the entity that is within those of whom you speak has estranged many people from the truth through chemical and psychological means. The purpose of removing the ability of the masses to be IN TUNE is so they too can be filled with that darkness. That darkness is the legion of many. Hollywood has created your imagination and has also created your doubt, doubt of truth. I call it the legion of many because they are many souls trapped by a dark force that they have surrendered to. I have struggled many years with this knowledge because I wanted to believe that religion was meant to control people. In many ways it has been used as a method of control, but it started with a basis of truth. Forget everything you were told about religion, at least the marketing version. God is a name we give that which we have yet to understand. But that is the force that gives all things life and not only in the physical. The legion is a legion for death, it is a collective of energy that exists because suffering exists. The reason Satanists use human sacrifices, especially virgins is because of the energy of suffering. That energy attracts the legion. That suffering allows the legion to capture the soul of the victim and gives power to the practitioner. That power is the black legion you see staring back at you through that person’s eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul and the blacker they are the more you need to fear them. If you aspire to goodness, to life and love then those are your weapons against that evil, but if you are of a nefarious nature then you will sooner or later become a servant of the legion. Think of it as LIFE and DEATH. You can’t have one without the other. If you did then you would have nothing to measure it by. But know where you stand. I have met them beyond the physical as they had attempted to take me over as they have so many others. I refused to submit and didn’t welcome them in. They tried to force their way in but they can’t get in unless you let them in. But I could see them and hear them not as you see a physical object in this dimension and not as you hear in this physical dimension. I see them through a sense some call the mind’s eye. They are a swarm of spirits as far as the eye could see and their howls are filled with screams of the pleasure of agony. It is as if they embrace their suffering and at the same time their voices cry for salvation. It’s horrific. But to those who embrace it in this realm, they no not what they do.

  91. Cali West
    Cali West says:

    I had the same experience as the hairdresser, but mine was with a family member. I don’t know for sure what I saw but it scared me deep inside my soul and I stepped back in utter fear.

    I either saw an evil, probably demonic or this person had no soul. Whichever it was I’ll never forget that feeling.

    20 years later and I’m still trying to understand what it was I saw. What I do know is this person always exhibited bizarre behaviour from childhood. I don’t like saying this but there was, and still is, something seriously wrong with him that cannot be treated by anybody or anything. And on another occasion he had a look of there being ‘nothing there’ in his eyes.

    Personality-wise he lacks normal characteristics of a healthy human being. He has very little emotion and is in his own world.

    I either saw that he had no soul whatsoever, or he did have one and I saw pure evil. It’s one of the two. I had to make the decision to keep him out of my life.


  92. shayk311
    shayk311 says:

    So glad I came across this discussion. I had an experience that I’ve never shared with anyone b/c I wasn’t sure how it would’ve been received. Anyway, when I was about 10 y.o., whenever my mother and father worked overnight my sister and I would have to stay with my grandmother. We loved it b/c we had a cousin our age who’d also get to come over and spend the night with us. Friday nights were the best b/c we’d get to stay up a little later than on school nights. Our favorite thing to do was to watch music videos (I think the show was Video Soul or something like that). I won’t say which music artist it was, but she had a new song out and I liked the song and the video. My sister, my cousin and I were sitting really close to the the tv (granny always fussed that we’d ruin our eyesight lol) and singing along. I was staring into the face of the artist (still singing) when she turned her back to the camera and her love interest in the video, then in slow motion she turns back to face the guy. I’d watched the video a few times before and never saw what I saw that night. Her face transformed into something so scary I closed my eyes and jumped away from the tv! My heart was pounding! My sister and my cousin laughed and asked what was wrong with me. They didn’t see what I saw, and I didn’t tell them. I never watched that video again and still can’t bring myself to watch it today. I’ve had many experiences that I guess could be described as paranormal since then, but not quite as frightening as that. I believe I saw who or rather what that person really was.

  93. ThatTaintedSpirit333
    ThatTaintedSpirit333 says:

    Greetings. I am new to this website . And very much late here. However, I have seen and experienced both Angelic and Demonic. I have met Lucifer and felt God. I have like many of us been through some stuff. I was told once when I was 18 that I had been given a spiritual gift from God by these Witch Doctors I went to see as I was seeing shadows, feeling dark entities, I was not myself, using and abusing Crystal Methamphetamine hear me out I get that it may cause “Hallucinations”. At this time of my life I was very much into the occult.. Since I was 14 I was obsessed. I owned the whole bit all the way from the Book of Shadows to Anton LaVeys version of the books. Yet since I was born oddity occurred. I was born at 3:04 am. I was born to a brother and a sister. 3 children seems to be the pattern of children born in our family to each set of parents… But their first child is always miscarried. Hasn’t skipped a generation yet.. At age 6 my parents brought a black candle home and said not to gaze into it. I ended up seeing it for myself. This is where the darkness began for me. At 16 I saw visions and was chaotic. I enchanted others. I did as I pleased. I even started my own Coven. I became enmeshed with the studies of Wiccan. As well as Bruja…. I know evil…. I said screw God at this age. And still do…. At 19 I was nearly possessed I can’t explain it…. I haven’t been the same since…. I was “Hallucinating” as I would talk to demons and Satan out loud they said… I am 22 now… Over the last 2 years my ability has grown very much so…. I have seen some horrid things. Back to this….. My own eyes they said… When I was 19 and 20 I raged and retaliated against my strict parents. Each time I did…. My mother would hide from me in her room… The last few times…. They said I went into a rage one night. I yelled and cursed and blaspemised all. I was suicidal… I grabbed a knife and put it to my throat… For 7 hours I tried to tell everyone what was wrong. But they couldn’t seem to understand…. I then wanted to be with my mom and went to her room… She just looked at me with these eyes as if she’d seen Death or a horrible crime… She screamed and locked the doors. My father came and tackled me and threw the knife… My sister was recording…. I have seen the video… My eyes are not mine… They are twisted and slanted and just have a look of hate and malice to them. My pupils turned my whole eye black…. As described… But I know it was evil because in that recording it is as if I am being whispered to by something and my gaze is distracted. Not to mention.. I took on all 4 of my family members and was able to hold them all off because they were trying to calm me down…. I had a friend. A good friend for 6 long years now. We loved to smoke weed and just chill…. I was 20… I was on meth still… But my ability was tormenting me…. All was good until February 15th, 2016. My father and I discovered a dead female under our vehicle in our front yard…. She was beaten to death they said. She was stiff and half nude…. My friend was trying to help and we ended up cruising and sleeping in the car because I was fighting to much at home and just Traumatized….. This was the first time we locked eyes… It felt good. Honestly… Like love at first….. Then next few months a bunch of odd things happened… Evil things… As his Rosarys would literally fall apart it was odd….. We were at our spot one time chilling…. We ended up kissing I don’t know why… I stared into those eyes of his. They were black. He appeared to have cataracts.. I ***** you not. His eyes were a grey foggy color. They focused dead set on me like a robot. And they never seemed to end….. However…. In mine he was so scared we did not meet eyes again…. We chilled in the dark often…. Months passed…. We began to fight a lot. I didn’t go home for weeks….. I was on edge…. We began to sleep in the car… I was a wimp and just loved being with a friend to chit chat with… I remember we would end up falling asleep staring into one another’s faces…. He always stared with this weird look like he was curious or just idk….. I always had to wake him because he frightened me… Like he was in a gaze or trance…. My meth use got out of proportion.. I was suicidal and hearing demons telling me to kill him and my family…. :'(. And myself…. I was envious and hateful.. Something in me changed…. Then…. Don’t know how to explain this….. He told me my eyes are empty and when you look in them it’s like staring down a long hall way… Empty… For me… It is easily from a broken soul… Had an abusive child hood and neglectful parents…. Anyways I blacked out this night…. I just remember us fighting…. And then I tried to mad dog him and then eventually he gave me this look that made me cower and cry. Like all the evil in me ran like a scared *******. But then… It went back to normal… Except…. He sed my eyes had a red tint to them. And….. I was seeing demons, shadows, and dead people all around ….. I saw our deaths.. I saw visions of murders and suicides… My body trembled….. I decided to mirror gaze….. It was awful…. I went into a fit of rage… Not even 5 minutes into it…. I was growling and screaming for lights. I sobered up asap too. Mind you for this whole year we lived in his car. I broke his mirror…. But it as near 3 am… It suddenly felt different… I legitimately remember we felt nothing. None of us were breathing I swear seemed like 10 minutes or even hours…. We did not blink. We couldn’t think clearly…. This happened several times…. Seemed like the bad would come a long and be cool with it… Aka the gang bangers and thugs….. But the ones who were Christian tried to stay away….. I remember one day we were driving…. I looked into his eyes and smiled…. But …. He looked at me like I was dying. He had tears. He looked like he had seen The Devil…. His face was like a skeleton all gaunt and thin….. Something felt so wrong…. I was in tears and called my dad because I thought he had died….. Something was wrong…. I was 21….. To be honest… I was dead…. Everyone told me my eyes were so empty and sad…. Or when I got angry they were red with rage and hateful…. My grandma avoids me and so does my cousins after I raged on them….. Because…. I felt dead….. I ended up killing my puppy this time because she had parvo and I saw it as mercy…… And was dying…. At 22….. Now. I wake up at 3 am or never sleep for weeks or days…. I have learned to push evil away….. But I have nothing but bad luck.. I am sad to a lot of people have died this last year that did me wrong…. Idk if I cursed them or if it was evil eye….. When I am really sick…. A lot of people tell me my eyes will literally turn black around the eye lids like I had a black eye….. Or will turn up black in photos….. Believe as you will….. I am telling the truth these days. Black magic comes with a price. I also Overdosed and died at 21 on Heroin… Haven’t been the same….. I feel like I am a monster… But the darkness has taken me over… I believe I have negative energies or spirits attached to me. Not quite possession…… Let me know what you think. This was my experience…..

  94. gazzadodge
    gazzadodge says:

    I’m not religious by any means, but I can sense evil when I’m around it. I think some people are better equipped with extrasensory abilities. I think the most telling though is to look into someone’s eyes. Usually, dark-colored eyes that almost appear black and lack any emotion is a tell telling sign to GET AWAY FROM that person immediately. Trust your gut and move it!

  95. susie238
    susie238 says:

    Hi, really interesting post! Ive had this experience before. I used to know a guy, diagnosed schizophrenic, personality disorders and occasional substance misuser. He had called around my home one day and was sat on my sofa talking, he started rocking and was seeming agitated. I asked if he had been taking his medication, (at this point he was stood looking out my window muttering) he said ‘no, im a recovering schizophrenic you know’, i suggested he see his gp, he agreed and went to leave. As i waved him off at the door, he turned to look at me and smiled. For a few seconds it wasnt his face looking back at me, his features had changed, he looked malicious with bright yet dead eyes, it stopped me dead in my tracks. I called his brother and explained he wasnt taking his meds to find out a few weeks later he attacked his father and had been sectioned (he was hospitalised for 3.5 years). I work within the health service and am around many people with similar conditions on a daily basis yet have never experienced anything quite like this since.

  96. Fractoggen
    Fractoggen says:

    I am amazed at how responsibly you approach this work, because all information is selected very carefully and well structured.

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