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I’m in Helsinki at the moment. After a night flight from Boston, my only work for today was an interview with a journalist from the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, the largest newspaper in Finland, with a reported circulation of 450,000. That’s a huge circulation even for a U.S. newspaper. After that, I was free to explore Helsinki.

I’ve just spent the past three hours wandering around the city in a jetlagged-induced daze, so I’m not thinking too clearly yet. But the town is lovely, the weather’s bright and warm, and I had a nice stroll down to the waterfront where I stopped at an outdoor food stand and snacked on fried whitebait (?), crispy little fish that you eat bones and all. From there, it was over to watch some street musicians, sample a local beer, window-shop (yikes, things are expensive here for Yanks!), and then head sleepily back to the hotel, getting a bit lost along the way.

Tomorrow, the real work of book promotion begins.

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  1. Kyle K.
    Kyle K. says:

    Ooh, Finland. Have you ever been there before?

    Oh lord, out of all that, all I can think about is the fried fish that you eat their bones and all! EEW!

    Are you going more over Europe, or just Finland and back?

    Heading over to Murderati…

  2. G
    G says:

    What coincidence! I end up reading your blog for the first time and you are here in my hometown (or were).

    The fish you probably ate isn’t whitebait but a subrace to herring Clupea harengus membras. But I guess there really isn’t english word to that fish and because of that it’s called whitebait. We call it silakka.

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