French book covers make me scratch my head

While cruising through the French site, I noticed a weird and creepy cover design trend on mystery and thriller novels. Get a load of these books, which are all in the top-50 bestselling mystery novels:

French covers often flummox me. Now more than ever. Interesting how a trend gets started, and pretty soon that’s all you see wherever you look.

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  1. jjlolotte
    jjlolotte says:

    That is kinda weird and creepy, indeed! It’s kind of scary to go to a book store and see all these weird doll faces looking at you.

    I actually think that it started with the Millenium Trilogy and since the books sell very well they probably thought they could use the same kind of cover to attract readers … well that is just my opinion.

    Anyway, the real question is, what were you doing on the French Amazon … you should just come to France 😉


  2. april
    april says:

    Those are creepy, but I also find dolls and children kind of demonic so that’s my own quirk. It’s the cartoon aspect that makes them even more creepy to me. Like Coraline. Those buttons for eyes did me in.

  3. Tess
    Tess says:

    I too find dolls a little creepy. There’s a house here in town, where the owner has the windows filled with dolls staring out. Lots of people I know shudder whenever they walk past it.

  4. TrooperCam
    TrooperCam says:

    Seeing all those on the shelf would to me be equivalent to having a row of jack in the boxes on a shelf- creepy.

  5. Jenna
    Jenna says:

    This is definitely interesting. Have you ever looked at other countries as well? There are alot of interesting trends from country to country. Dolls and children tend to give that “creepy” factor, so I think that maybe this is a factor in how they design it. They almost look like old covers, like covers from old classics where they used alot of pictures masked in a circle or oval. Interesting indeed haha. 🙂 Makes me think of Voice of the Dolls..which is an older book, I dont know if youve read…or themes of John Saul’s books..he uses alot of children. I dont know Tess, do they inspire you to incorporate creepy little ones into your next books? 🙂

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