Evacuated from yet another hotel.

This is getting weird. Last night I was a guest in the Sheraton Hotel in Framingham, MA. At 3 AM, an eerily familiar thing happened — the hotel fire alarm went off. I got dressed, sleepily made my way down the emergency stairwell, and headed outside where all the other equally sleepy hotel guests stood gathered. They seemed to think it was a sort of fun and novel thing to write home about.

I, quite frankly, am getting tired of the whole thing. Because it’s my fourth hotel evacuation. I’ve been evacuated from hotels in New Zealand, Boston, New Hampshire, and now Framingham. Three out of the four times, it’s been in the middle of the night.

I swear, I’m not the one pulling the emergency lever.

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  1. Brandon
    Brandon says:

    That’s extremely odd that that’s happened to you so many times! BTW, just finished Ice Cold and I could not put it down! Hope to see more of Rat and Sansone in the future!

  2. BernardL
    BernardL says:

    That is more than a little strange. I realize with the frequency you have to travel and stay in hotels chances increase for something like an evacuation at one of the places… but four? If you were writing about the scenario you would probably edit it out for believability purposes. 🙂

  3. moe.kay
    moe.kay says:

    You know, Tess, my initial response was that your experience was extremely coincidental. However, when I stopped to think about it, I realized that I have been evacuated twice from hotels in the middle of the night–once when there was a small fire in the kitchen in Portland, Oregon, and the second time for a false alarm at the Jersey Shore. I know that I travel only a small fraction of the time that you do, so perhaps your experience is not as rare as one might imagine.

    I also want to congratulate you on Ice Cold making the NY Times’ Bestseller List this week! You are definitely Smokin’ Hot this year!!!

    All the best.

  4. Lorra Laven
    Lorra Laven says:

    Dear Tess,

    From now on, I would appreciate knowing what hotels you will be staying in and when. That way I can book accordingly and assure myself a good night’s sleep. It’s happened to me twice – always in the middle of a bitterly cold night. The second time it happened, I just sat in the lobby with my fingers crossed and watched the firemen descend on the place. I could see a lot of shivering people standing just outside the entrance wrapped in blankets. “Fools,” I thought. “Fools.” (I bet they were thinking the same thing about me.)

    PS – Are you sure you’re not Irish?

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