Elizabeth Hurley and … me!

Okay, this is a kick.  I just ran across this article in the UK newspaper, The Evening Standard.  It’s an interview with Elizabeth Hurley: 


It is typical of Elizabeth Hurley’s time management skills that in the week before her English wedding at Sudeley Castle to Indian businessman Arun Nayar – between meetings with her party organiser Peregrine Armstrong-Jones, florist Robert Van Helden and caterer Rhubarb – she set up a giant draughtsman’s easel in her son Damian’s basement nursery to do her placement with Day-Glo Post-Its. As she pondered on whom to sit next to Sir Elton John, Leonard and Evelyn Lauder, Valentino and Prince Pavlos of Greece…  

Guests (at the wedding) included Tom Ford, David Furnish, Leonard and Evelyn Lauder, Trinny Woodall, Tim Jefferies, Imran Khan, India Hicks, various Bollywood stars, Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty and several Indian tycoons such as billionaire Vijay Mallya, known as the ‘King of Good Times’…

Now that Elizabeth and Arun are married, travel will doubtless continue to play an important part in their lives. They are currently ‘arguing’ about whether they should buy a holiday home that is a ‘hot house’ (ie, a beach house in somewhere like Mustique) or a ‘cold house’ (ie, a chalet in St Moritz).

Lying on a private beach in the Maldives or the Caribbean is definitely something Elizabeth has long enjoyed. 

‘I can let him play all day while I am under a palm tree reading a Tess Gerritsen novel. I only read horrid, American crime novels at the moment.’

Wow.  Elizabeth Hurley reads me!  Maybe I can’t hang out on a beach in the Maldives, but my books do.

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  1. JD Rhoades
    JD Rhoades says:

    “Horrid”? Must be one of those Brit words that doesn’t mean the same as it does in the U.S.

    And if either of us ever wrote a character with a name like “Peregrine Armstrong-Jones,” no one would believe it.

  2. Tess
    Tess says:

    I don’t know what horrid means, either, but honestly I don’t care if she says my books stink as long as she reads me!

  3. Gabriele
    Gabriele says:

    Next thing will be that celebrities consider it chic to have a Tess Gerritsen novel in their handbag. Not that someone like Paris Hilton would read it – I doubt she can read – but she may carry it around together with that yipping lapdog of hers. 🙂

  4. John S
    John S says:

    Not horrid to mean awful!

    Well, yes, actually. I think she means horrid in the sense of gory, lurid, SHOCKING!

    Lots of things you’ve heard before, Tess! But Ms Hurley recognizes them as virtues!

  5. SassyDevil
    SassyDevil says:

    Elizabeth Hurley is as smart as she is beautiful!

    That wedding sounds lavish, rich and bling-y! So many cool people to meet, glitz and glamour to twinkle one’s eyes, and I bet the food was to die for!

  6. Toni Anderson
    Toni Anderson says:

    She probably means other people might perceive it as ‘horrid’, but she obviously loves it.

    It is hard to read genre fiction in the UK without people looking down their noses 🙂 Especially ‘horrid American crime novels’ or worse, romance novels (which is what I write BTW) 😉

  7. Vanessa F
    Vanessa F says:

    Elizabeth Hurley has excellent taste in books. Gabriele, your comment made me laugh! I can totally picture Paris Hilton carrying around a book like Pride & Prejudice in a desparate attempt to look smart even though we all know she couldn’t could read it.

  8. JanetK
    JanetK says:

    Tess wrote: “Maybe I can’t hang out on a beach in the Maldives, but my books do.”

    Now there’s a fun thought — how many places have your books gone? How many countries? How many beaches, park benches, living rooms, offices, buses, subways, nightstands…

  9. wendy roberts
    wendy roberts says:

    Hmmm. JanetK gave me an idea 🙂 It would be great to see a picture collage of your books at all sorts of fantastic locations around the world. I bet your books are very well travelled LOL.

  10. Ali M
    Ali M says:

    Horrid means gory over here and in England as well as the other meaning so don’t worry Tess! Elizabeth Hurley is great..I’d be delighted too!

  11. Tess
    Tess says:

    that’s a cool idea! If readers around the world snap photos of themselves with my books and email them to me, I’ll post them on my blog!

  12. Rose-Marie
    Rose-Marie says:

    Hmmm, is there some way to spread this chic little story around the University of Maine campus, so they will KNOW WHO YOU ARE????

  13. laykuan
    laykuan says:

    Great! People who read the article that don’t know you may want to check you out. I wish all your books can be found in our book shops in Kuala Lumpur as most book shops only carry a few of your titles.

  14. Ekiushi
    Ekiushi says:

    I should have totally taken a picture when I was in New Zealand, I took Mephisto Club there. Oh well, I guess I could get a picture of Mephisto Club in Byron Bay – Australia’s Most Eastery Point!

  15. huisi
    huisi says:

    she probably said horrid like how some people say someone is wicked with a twinkle in their eyes 😉

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