Comic Con!

On Saturday, I got a peek at the biggest, strangest, most mind-bending convention ever. I’ve attended two Star Trek conventions (yep, once I even went in costume) so I sort of knew what to expect. But Comic Con in New York City was on a level I couldn’t imagine, with outrageously amazing costumes.

I signed and gave away free copies of THE APPRENTICE, and one of the ladies waiting in line was a 50-ish woman wearing an enormous orange “Angry Bird” costume made of voluminous felt. It was warm in the convention hall, and she was sweating but good-humored about the whole thing because “My kids made me do it,” she said.

Later I walked around the hall, and here are some of the cool sights I encountered:

A very sexy pair! What you can’t see are the red contact lenses in the guy’s eyes — his irises were blood-red.

I’m not entirely sure who this character is with me. Anyone know?

Scary kid!

Ghostbusters! I later saw all four of them buying hotdogs at the food stall. Missed getting a good shot of that, unfortunately.


Blue people, red people, every color people walking around the hall.

And outside the Javits Center, walking on the streets of NYC, the show continued. Weirdly dressed characters were everywhere, hailing taxicabs, strolling into restaurants. The funny thing about NYC? Nobody gave them a second glance.

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  1. Lisatwo
    Lisatwo says:

    You always look so happy at these events! And ummm by the way that’s not Neptune. It’s Aquaman. Just saying :o)

  2. Tess
    Tess says:

    Lisa, I guess I’ll need a guide next time I go to Comic Con, to tell me who all these characters are! Outside of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings, I’m kinda at a loss.

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