Come see “Island Zero” at Boston International Film Festival!

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If you’d like to get an early look at our horror film “Island Zero,” it will be screened at the Boston International Film Festival at 9:30 PM April 15 at the historic Paramount Theater in downtown Boston.  Based on my original screenplay, it’s the story of an isolated island off the coast of Maine where the local fishing community is suddenly cut off from the outside world when the ferry stops coming. The phones are dead, the power’s out, and every fishing boat they send to the mainland fails to return.

When mutilated bodies start turning up on the island, the survivors must find out who — or what — is killing them.

Filmed entirely on mid-coast Maine during a cold, dark March, “Island Zero” is an homage to the old monster films I loved as a child, combined with stark Scandinavian overtones of drama and isolation.

Our production team will be there to give a talk afterwards.  Come hear how we managed to make a feature film on a low budget — complete with a burning house!

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