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Head on over to MJ Rose’s site for the first blogpost by a man who knows what advertising is all about.  Greg Hufstutter will return there with other posts featuring the ins and outs of advertising.  I know it’s fashionable to say that ads don’t really make a difference in bookselling.  But I think they do.

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  1. hkennedy
    hkennedy says:

    Thanks for linking to this, Tess.
    Great information; something I’ve been looking into for weeks! All the best from a fellow “newbie” author from up north.

  2. Patricia Wood
    Patricia Wood says:

    This part of being published is what I have to learn. What is effective marketing and what is not.
    That’s why I find your blog so interesting. It gives me a glimpse of the future (I hope!).
    Do you find book tours increase sales? Or is it that it keeps you in contact with your readers?

  3. Tess
    Tess says:

    what I find when an ad runs is an almost immediate change on my index. I realize it’s only one indication, but I do see a bump. I don’t think it matches the cost that goes into the ad. But I believe that what matters is name recognition, and over the years, with multiple books and multiple ads, your name finally begin to register with the public.

    As for book tours, I really do think they help affect sales because signed books sell much better than unsigned ones. And when you hit a new town, there’s usually newspaper and/or radio coverage. Plus, the store stocks a lot more copies.

  4. Patricia Wood
    Patricia Wood says:

    Wow, thanks so much for answering my questions! It’s such an exciting process.
    So how about conferences for you? Are they useful to you as an author or a way to give back? (This is a sneaky way to encourage you to put Maui on your schedule at some point in the future!)

    Much Mahalo Tess!
    (You want I should send you a copy of my book when it comes out?)

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