Day Two, Indiana

After a night at the lovely Arbor Hill B&B in LaPorte, it was on to our first stop of the day in Bremen, formerly the “Mint Capital of the World,” a town where the air was once sweet with the fragrance of the herb. My husband and I enjoyed an hour examining some town artifacts […]

Yay, Indiana! My first day on the Indiana Libraries Tour.

One of my favorite movie lines of all time was from “The Mummy” when the hero asks the tipsy heroine “who are you?” and she sits up straight and says with pride: “I … am a LIBRARIAN!” I love libraries, and I love librarians. Last year, a librarian from Bartholomew County, IN, asked whether I’d […]

The Great Indiana Public Libraries Tour

I love public libraries. More than any other institution, they guarantee every American free access to great literature, educational resources and information on a vast array of subjects. For many, they are literally a window to the wider world. That’s why I’m embarking on a special two-week tour to celebrate and recognize libraries for the […]


Am going crazy trying to get ready for my upcoming INDIANA LIBRARIES TOUR, but thought I’d post a few photos from Bouchercon. I had a great time in Albany, catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, and just generally absorbing the vibe of people who love mysteries, read mysteries, and write mysteries. It’s been […]

Rizzoli & Isles renewed for 5th season!

TNT has just announced it. Congratulations to Janet Tamaro and the cast and crew!

Indulge your passions

When young people ask me what’s the best course of study for an aspiring writer, I tell them two things. First: “Live a life.” By this, I mean that stories come from our experiences, and to write those stories, we need to know what it means to be human. What it’s like to fall in […]

LAST TO DIE on sale in paperback today (US)

It includes the bonus short story JOHN DOE.

Thanks, Joe!

Some professions seem to attract more than their share of sociopaths. Check the news about who’s going to prison, and you’ll find bankers, Wall Streeters, lawyers, and businessmen. Sharks abound in competitive jobs, the sort of people who will stab you in the back to get ahead. But mystery authors, who write about death and […]

What Scares You?

Like many people, I’m afraid of heights and sharks and grizzly bears. But one of my deepest fears is of losing my memory — and my sense of self — to Alzheimer’s Disease. My father died of it, so I know that it destroys not just the patient, it also devastates the entire family. And […]

Journeying to China with my mother’s ashes

An article I wrote for the Wall Street Journal. May this help you remember to make the important journeys while you can. Life is short, and I will forever regret that I didn’t do this while my mother was alive.

For two weeks only: THE APPRENTICE at $1.99

If you’ve never read a Rizzoli & Isles book, here’s your chance to give it a try. THE APPRENTICE is the first book where both Jane and Maura appear — and for a limited time, it’s on sale in Kindle format from Amazon. Find it here.

The kindness of strangers

Yesterday I came home from Atlanta in a wheelchair. In my many travels, I’ve contended with pickpockets in Paris and Norovirus in London, lost luggage in Vietnam and countless delayed, cancelled, and just plain scary flights in the bush. But yesterday, while strolling toward the security gates in Atlanta airport, I finally met my Waterloo. […]

Loving Lithuania

Tree-warming art by local art students I’m always in search of the quirky and charming, and I certainly found plenty of both in the lovely city of Vilnius. I’d never visited any of the Baltic countries, so I didn’t know what to expect. From Wikipedia, I learned that Lithuania is a brand-new country, independent since […]

When writers don’t write

Thought you’d like a peek at what I do when I’m not writing. I play fiddle with my musician pals! Jamming with Tess I’d love to hear about the hobbies of other writers!

Interview with CJ Lyons

From CJ Lyon’s website “Thrillers with Heart.” We chat about thriller writing and storytelling.

The dying letter

I am still stinging with shame about a letter I just received. It came from one of my old high school teachers, a man with whom I have corresponded over the decades. Every Christmas, I’d send him a personal letter about my year, and every summer, I’d mail him an autographed copy of my newest […]

LAST TO DIE gets the Crimson Scribe Award

SUSPENSE MAGAZINE has chosen LAST TO DIE as “best book of the year”. Thrilled by the news!

Comic Con!

On Saturday, I got a peek at the biggest, strangest, most mind-bending convention ever. I’ve attended two Star Trek conventions (yep, once I even went in costume) so I sort of knew what to expect. But Comic Con in New York City was on a level I couldn’t imagine, with outrageously amazing costumes. I signed […]

When writers don’t deliver

(This blog post first appeared at Crime Fiction Collective. Here it is again for those who may have missed it.) It’s every aspiring author’s dream. A publisher offers you a big contract for your next book, the deal gets announced to the press, and you receive a check as an advance payment. Now all you […]

Writing the slam-bam thriller climax

How does a writer come up with a thriller climax that truly thrills? Here was my advice over at ITW’s website: On the surface, writing the thriller climax seems easy. You just put your hero in danger and throw in some bad guys chasing him in a spooky locale. Hero gets cornered, death seems imminent, […]