big opening ratings for Rizzoli & Isles!

Terrific numbers for the premiere.

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  1. agrogan
    agrogan says:

    I made sure to tune in! I thought it was great! Really cool to see my favorite characters come to life. After watching TNT, I snuggled up to my Kindle with Ice Cold. I just started it, and I’m already hooked. You’re awesome, Tess!

  2. GaryH
    GaryH says:

    I finally made it to July 12th! Very good show, make that GREAT show (not perfect. but still great)! Way to go, TNT!

  3. april
    april says:

    I just read in Variety about it’s super high debut. I have to admit I recorded and then my DVR messed up because we had big storms so I had to rerecord. I can’t wait to watch. I liked what I caught last night. I also got my mom to watch. It’s hard to watch live tv when the toddler goes to bed right before 9.

  4. bookwormedde
    bookwormedde says:

    I obviously watched it and made sure my facebook and twitter friends knew what I was watching, I have been “promoting” this series to anyone who listened, LOL. im sooooo excited

  5. susancolebank
    susancolebank says:

    Yay you, Tess! I’m so excite this show has the numbers to stick around (knock on wood). How did you feel as you were watching it on TNT? I think I would have been light-headed and giddy!


  6. Tess
    Tess says:

    susan, I have to admit, I was more focused on how the audience was reacting! We had a hometown showing of it in the local opera house, and I was delighted to hear everyone gasp in fear at the same moment!

  7. Taffy
    Taffy says:

    I’m really sorry to say that, but pilot of Rizzoli & Isles was more of dissapiontment for me. I like casting – Rizzoli looks just like I imagined her and Dean is good too. BUT. Where is the atmosphere of the cold thriller from your books? I was hoping these series will be more like “Dexter” in spirit, but instead we got some sort of famale “Castle”. I’m not saying that “Castle” is bad series, but I was hoping for more, for something more original…
    And, to tell you the truth, to put 2 books in 45 minutes – it is too much! They could have made 1 season only from Surgeon. 1 season – 1 book would be perfect, if you ask me. HBO made that with 1st season of “Dexter” and now they are doing 5th season.
    I hope for changes for Rizzoli & Isles in future.

  8. Verity
    Verity says:

    Congratulations, Tess. The pilot was very enjoyable. Sometimes it’s a disadvantage to read a book before you see it on the screen. There is no way an hour show can have all the detail of a full book. Angie Harmon is perfect as Rizzoli. I am looking forward to seeing more of the series. How much input do you have in the scripts, Tess?

  9. davidd
    davidd says:

    Congratulations, Tess. Fantastic numbers, and well deserved. Hats off to you and to TNT. I’ve read THE SURGEON and THE APPRENTICE and am happily looking forward to working my way through the rest of the series, both in print and now on TV.

  10. unkn0wncrisis
    unkn0wncrisis says:

    I was very excited to see that a TV series is being created for the books. I began reading your books when i was in middle school. I loved the stories, and i loved the characters, and when i was a senior in high school, after finishing another of your novels i decided i wanted to become a medical examiner (before i was just planning on attending school for education because I THOUGHT that was all i could become). I became a biology major, and it changed my life. I am no longer pre-med, but i am very proud of where i am. The experience made me think of how much your books, as well as the books of many other authors have influenced my life growing up – almost always for the better. I just wanted to thank you – as a writer you open people up to new worlds, new ideas. You help strengthen peoples imagination, help build vocabularies, help improve grammer, etc.: all while allowing your readers to relax and have fun. Thank you.

  11. ledwards
    ledwards says:

    Congratulations, Tess on your success with the novels and new TV show! I have been reading your medical mysteries since 1998.During the last two years, I was in graduate school, the thing I missed most was not having time to read your books. Last week, I started reading ICE COLD on Monday, I was done by Wednesday! I love your writing style and mostly the suspense. Although the premiere of Rizzoli & Isles was good, it was missing that suspense. The two women were a little too friendly – all the time. As someone who has really followed and come to know these character in your books, it is hard to adjust to their BFF relationship and Maura Isles’ personality being so upbeat on the show. But, I am a loyal fan of your work and I will continue to read and watch your series.

  12. Rhonda Lane
    Rhonda Lane says:

    I’m so excited that the show’s numbers are good. We had to DVR it because we were away, so we finally watched it this weekend. Angie makes a great Rizzoli, embodying the tough spirit and sass of Jane.

    Not a lot has been said about Sasha, but she contrasts Maura’s cheery upscale elegance with Dr. Isles’s steely advocacy for the dead. “Queen of the Dead,” indeed. 🙂

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