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It’s time to talk about the “F” word

Yes, I mean THAT “F” word, the one I myself never, ever say in polite company. But every so often one of my characters will utter that word, and I know what will happen as a result. I’ll get letters from offended readers, scolding me for using such profane language. “Your story was good without […]

Comments That’ll Make an Author Wince

Well, here’s one of those comments that’ll make an author wince. It was posted anonymously in my guestbook today:”I skipped thru this book, Vanish, and found it to be one of the most filthy, disgusting things I have ever read.” I guess it goes with the territory for any writer who chooses to write crime […]

A Huge Success

Just a quick note to let you know the surgery (a microscopic discectomy) was a huge success, and I feel great! I have to admit, though, as they wheeled me into the O.R. and I saw those bright lights and the surgical team of five standing around waiting for me, I had that instant’s thought: […]

A Conversation with Tess Gerritsen

As I’m about to head off to my adventures with the surgeon’s knife, I thought I’d post, instead of my usual blog entry, a piece that Random House sent out with their publicity packet for VANISH. It’s the sort of creepy backstory that usually serves as the wellspring for my books!————————– A CONVERSATION WITH TESS […]

Reader Email

I recently received this email from a reader who told me about her recent visit to a bookstore.”As I was checking out, the girl asked me about the Robin Cook book I had in my hands and commented that she really liked his books as they usually dealt with medicine. I then told her about […]


I’m off to Cincinnati tomorrow, to meet with the wonderful folks from Kroger. They took on a huge order of VANISH. (And many of my readers have mentioned in their emails that they bought their copies of VANISH in a Kroger’s.) I’ll be signing at two of their stores: Friday, Sept. 16, 4:30 – 6:00 […]


A middle-aged female writer in previously excellent health awakens one night with excruciating pain in her left shoulder and upper back. She describes it as “feeling as though she’s being stabbed with a knife.” The pain radiates down the ulnar aspect of her left arm, and there is numbness of the fourth and fifth fingers. […]


I have the best readers in the world! They were willing to be my scouts, to venture into bookstores all over the country and check out where copies of VANISH were located. And they reported back. Boy, did they report back. I’ve gotten emails from Florida to California, from the Caribbean to Hawaii to British […]

At the Maui Writers Conference

I’m at the Maui Writers Conference now. And I’m so touched by the kindness of my readers, who’ve been emailing me about VANISH and where they’re finding it in stores. I promise, you’ll all get personal replies as soon as I get home Sept. 8th. And the bookmarks will go out to you then, too. […]


Lest an author ever start to feel too cocky, all it takes is a visit to an out-of-town bookstore to remind her of her lowly place in the universe. I’m in Honolulu at the moment, en route to the Maui Writers Conference. Since my book VANISH has just gone on sale, I thought I should […]