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Are e-books making us sloppy readers?

When I was young, one of the great pleasures of reading mysteries by Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie was the challenge of spotting clues and finding the villain before the fictional detective did. It required careful reading, and taking the time to ponder the evidence. I fear readers today don’t have the same patience. […]


Many of you have expressed an interest in my position on the film Gravity, whose story bears a strong similarity to the story of my novel Gravity. For my response, please see the following press release, issued on April 30, 2014.

#TessTourIndy Roundup

Thanks to everyone who attended #tesstourindy live and in person – it was an incredibly memorable experience for me and I hope to do a tour like this again – and everyone who followed the tour virtually on my blog and social media. Below is a digital recap of the tour, highlighting some of that […]

The Great Indiana Public Libraries Tour

I love public libraries. More than any other institution, they guarantee every American free access to great literature, educational resources and information on a vast array of subjects. For many, they are literally a window to the wider world. That’s why I’m embarking on a special two-week tour to celebrate and recognize libraries for the […]