Attack of the ‘Bots, and Other Website Issues

If anyone’s checking in on my guestbook, you’ll notice an alarming number of entries with no message, no name, just a referring website. According to my webmeister, I’m being attacked by internet ‘bots who’ve noticed the enormous number of hits my site garnered a few weeks ago after the Art Bell show (35,000 in one day) and decided to start electronically spamming my guestbook. In defense, we’ll soon be asking you to prove you’re a human (and not just a computer) before you sign the guestboook.

A lot of you have been anxiously awaiting the voting page for the cover design contest. I promise it’ll be up before long! Again, there were some website problems, but I think we’ll have those under control soon.

And finally, if you happen to subscribe to Apple’s iTunes (downloadable on your iPods), check out their directory for my first Podcast! I’ve recorded a short segment about the background for VANISH — and cases of real corpses coming back to life!

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