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Once again, I have a favor to ask of you all. I’d love to find out in which stores THE KEEPSAKE has arrived, and how it’s being displayed. So the next time you’re in a bookstore, take note of where the copies are displayed, and drop me an email. And also let me know your mailing address — I’ll send you some bookmarks!

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  1. RachelKaren
    RachelKaren says:

    Hey Tess,

    I’m a little confused ’cause I just read that the UK version of the keepsake is supposed to be published in january, however, I bought a copy yesterday. I’ve been to 10 bookshops until I finally found it ( I just could not wait for the German translation!). Right now it’s kinda hard to get a copy in Germany, however, I think that’s gonna change soon.

  2. Abe
    Abe says:

    Good Morning, Tess,

    Although I cannot get to a bookstore until the weekend, I was in a Stop & Shop supermarket this morning and they had about a 1/2 dozen of your books on display and check this out. They were 25% off. Guess who owns a copy now? Yep, the “punmaster” as you called me on the last blog, now owns The Keepsake. I still love that picture on the back of the book. That was your sweet 16 picture, wasn’t it?
    Oh, well, I guess I gotta do some work. Hope all went well with “opening night” yesterday. Have a great tour. Love ya!

  3. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    I pre-ordered a copy from Amazon UK months ago and it arrived on Tuesday. This is the US hardcover version, i.e. The Keepsake (not Keeping the Dead). I don’t know how many copies Amazon UK had originally but they seemed to have sold them out fairly soon after I ordered it, which must be good for your UK sales too. 🙂 I haven’t yet finished the book, but have enjoyed it very much. So thanks again for an exciting story!

  4. darik
    darik says:

    I am so terribly, sadly carless right now! I am going to Borders first thing my car comes back to me tonight! I also need to buy some diapers so I’ll check the books at local Target as well. Need diapers and carless not the two words I want in the same sentence!

  5. PackingPadre
    PackingPadre says:

    Dear Tess,

    My book club, BOMC2, upgraded “The Keepsake” from arrival unknown to in stock and is giving it good display on the web site. They will send it to me 15 Sept. and I should get it by the end of next week.

    I’d love the bookmarks,as many as you can spare.


    The Rev. Daniel Beegan S.T.D.
    PO Box 154
    Rumford, ME 04276.

    P.S. Rumford does NOT have a bricks and mortar book store, the nearest ones would be Oxford and Lewiston-Auburn.

  6. joe bernstein
    joe bernstein says:

    Tess-yesterday “The Keepsake”was on the very first display stand you see when you enter the B&N in Smithfield,RI.It was being discounted 20%.

  7. vividexpression
    vividexpression says:

    The Chapters website said the downtown location had 22 copies. I got mine in the general Fiction section but I’m sure there was a display somewhere else, I just couldn’t see it. (the store is massive – 2 huge levels)
    They had a bunch of paperback copies of your other books too which was pretty awesome. (Gravity, The Sinner, The Apprentice, Vanish, Bone Garden, Harvest)

  8. Abe
    Abe says:

    Hi Tess,

    I did make it to my B&N and there are ample amounts of The Keepsake displayed. I’d say about a dozen books. I asked the sales rep at the counter and she said that they have been selling at a pace of about 2 per hour. You must be doing something right, Tess!

  9. kthacker
    kthacker says:

    Hi Dr. G,

    My hapless BAM in my hometown never has the books displayed on time, but the B&N across the way had The Keepsake displayed right in front of the door in a pretty stack. There are about 15, I’d say.

    I’m now a very, very ecstatic owner!

  10. emory1975
    emory1975 says:

    I went to my local Barnes and Noble and it was displayed right out in front. I would love the bookmarks.


  11. jtmillsny
    jtmillsny says:

    At our local warehouse store, BJ’s (do you have them in Maine?), the books were in the first row in the book section, displayed prominently. They were stacked in about piles of eight or ten and looked uneven which to me means that people had been buying them =D

  12. helenwriter
    helenwriter says:

    Hi Tess, I was at the Borders store in Orchard Park NY bright and early Tuesday morning and I had to hunt down a copy of your book. It was not on sale (20 percent off) there, so I tried the Barnes and Noble in Hamburg, N.Y. Couldn’t find it when I asked the clerk about it she said she was just putting them out (it was about 3 p.m.) I did get my copy however, and I’m so looking forward to reading it.

  13. OyeJohn52
    OyeJohn52 says:

    Hi Tess,

    I was at R.J. Julia in Madison, CT-which I’m thrilled to read you’ll be visiting!-and saw your book very prominantly displayed in the mystery section. (It was most likely displayed w/ the new releases, too, but I somehow missed that section.) If you wouldn’t mind sending one of those signed bookmarks, I’d love to have one!

    John Valeri
    168 North Main St.
    Wallingford, CT 06492

    Thanks 🙂

  14. Tess
    Tess says:

    Thanks all for the reports! You are the world’s best intelligence agents.

    Bookmarks will be coming. And you can email me privately, if you don’t want your addresses on view in the comments section.

  15. monicap
    monicap says:

    Hi!!! Well here in lovely & humid Fort Worth, TX it’s the Barnes & Noble downtown, but they only had one copy out at the moment and it was with the rest of the Gerritsen collection. I happened to snatch it up. Today they were staking them at their New Arrivals table.

  16. IServeTheCat
    IServeTheCat says:

    I got some bookmarks from you before, but I am afraid I need more! I went into Borders (leaving wallet in car), and found 4 of your books on the shelf with the front facing forward! 😀

    I stuck a bookmark in each, plus two in paperback copies of Mephisto Club. (With permission from a cashier.)

    My copy should arrive from Amazon tomorrow! *happy dance*

    145-E Hunt Club Ln
    Raleigh, NC 27606

  17. IServeTheCat
    IServeTheCat says:

    Looking at how many copies other people are seeing… they must have sold fast at my Borders to have only 4 left! What was that formula for the barcodes? I remember you posting that in an older blog.

  18. Mary Duncan
    Mary Duncan says:

    Hi Tess,

    Mr. Paperback in Ellsworth, Maine had The Keepsake and so does Blue Hill Books in Blue Hill, Maine.

    Looking forward to getting mine tonight at your signing!


  19. Maxien
    Maxien says:

    Unfortunately it is not available for us in the UK until next year 🙁 . I would have the US version shipped over to me but i am making quite a collection of your books and i would like to keep the same theme for the covers. I will just have to wait, but all good things come to those who wait 😀 .

    I have just sent an envolope for my bookmarks though 😀 thanks a bunch!

  20. T.Jones
    T.Jones says:

    Tess – I went on Tuesday to my local bookstore. They had your book up on display with all the other books that came out on Tueday. I was so excited to pick up your new book. I started it and as usual cannot put it down. You are so good!

    Love you..your the best..hands down

  21. susie
    susie says:

    Dear Tess,

    I went to 3 stores and they do not have your book in yet. I asked where they were displayed at and the manager said the vendor must not have brought them yet. Walmart, Meijer, and K Mart I thought the book was to be in stores Tuesday and on Saturday still no books.

  22. Susan
    Susan says:

    In Portland, ME, they had a lovely cardboard display. I thought it was a little too near the children’s section and not close enough to the front, though. :o)

  23. Maureen P
    Maureen P says:

    Good Morning from the Midwest (Northern Illinois)-
    The Borders, Barnes & Noble, as well as Meijers and Target- all have ‘The Keepsakes’ very visible! I’m not quite sure if I’ll make it to any stores today- I spent Saturday finishing ‘The Keepsake’; so now housework and laundry call. I really enjoyed The Keepsake- some of the rituals did give me the creeps!

  24. mchastain
    mchastain says:

    How long are you going to let this go on? I live in Houston and due to Hurricane Ike I can’t get out to look around!!

  25. amcgilbert
    amcgilbert says:

    Dear Tess,
    Congratulations on your new book. I first found your work whilst living in London, England, when I came across Body Double. Since then I have accumulated quite a collection of your books…15 in fact and I am awaiting delivery of, the very hard to find, Peggy Sue got Murdered! I am now living in Australia and am dying to get my hands on The Keepsake – do you know when it will be available in Oz? As all the previous reads were in the UK format, I’d love to keep the collection the same but does that mean I will have to wait until January 2009 like my UK friends? Please factor Melbourne, Australia, into your next book tour! Cheers, Nina.

  26. samc288
    samc288 says:

    Hello Tess!
    I ordered the UK paperback version via the german Amazon and got it on the 17th.
    I finished reading in just one day! A really amazing book!
    Have a nice day!

    For the bookmarks:
    Philina Heinke
    Admonter Ring 29
    35415 Pohlheim

    Could I have 2? My friend is a fan of yours as well.

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