Are you an impostor?

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  1. therese
    therese says:

    Great post and certainly nourishing for my soul. I think you have to acknowledge the impostor to be able to make a career as a writer. Otherwise, a one-book wonder or wanna be author is all the writer will become.

    I used to tell myself that I had to be a famous novelist, before I wrote the story of my parents and childhood. Now that memoir is getting the final polish and I couldn’t have done it without all the years working and writing fiction. (And having a variety of day-jobs!) But I’m also really thankful I don’t have a fan-following, who already feel a personal ownership of me-the-author, because of my stories.

    My fiction will be written under a different name, as my memoir is written under a name not listed on my checkbook. 🙂 That name is too often confused with a personal sewage tank.

    And even though I’m writing memoir, I’m still an impostor because the words on the page are rewritten, edited, etc and that never happens when I open my mouth.

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