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I’m still not entirely sure how or why it happened, but the problem has been fixed. It’s once again possible to purchase LAST TO DIE in hardcover on


Update: The issue appears to have been a shipping problem, with multiple copies accidentally shipped to a customer. And this took down the “buy” page.

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  1. Marta Tandori
    Marta Tandori says:

    Hi Tess,

    I’ve been a huge fan of yours ever since I picked up a copy of HARVEST years ago. What I really enjoy about your writing is its scope and your meticulous attention to detail. You also have a superb talent for spinning a great story which is why you’ve got a massive following of readers, anxiously awaiting their next Gerritsen fix through whatever venue is convenient for them, be it a bookstore, online, etc.

    For those of us still trying to make our literary mark, Amazon and its Kindle program is a good way of putting our work out there. While I agree that there are hazards to “putting all your eggs in one basket”, sometimes it’s worthwhile to try something a little different from the “norm” in order to achieve your goal.

    In any event, I’m very happy that the issue with Amazon has worked out for you!

    Best wishes on your continued success,

    Marta Tandori, author of the Kindle ebook TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE

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