Amazon vs. MacMillan — what the heck now?

An alert reader just wrote me complaining that the Kindle price for my upcoming book ICE COLD is in the $14.00 range. That’s unreasonable, he said, when brand new releases from St. Martin’s Press are now priced in the $8.00 range. I thought he must be mistaken, until I checked Amazon and discovered that Kristin Hannah’s latest, just published in February, is indeed priced in the $8.00 range. So are Michael Palmer’s and Iris Johansen’s upcoming releases. These books are published under the MacMillan umbrella, which just fought for higher Kindle e-book prices — yet suddenly, their Kindle e-books are going for LESS than other publishers’ new-release Kindle versions.

Did I miss something? Has the war between MacMillan and Amazon just re-escalated? Can anybody fill me in?


And in other news, I just found out I’m the 17th most borrowed adult fiction author in UK libraries — right under John Grisham. A nice surprise!

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  1. april
    april says:

    In the case of Kristin Hannah’s new release (which is EXCELLENT), it is not available until May 25 on Kindle. It’s much more expensive on nook, but it is available now. So, maybe that was part of the deal? No inside scoop, but it looks like there is a delay in some new releases. I know I bought the hardcover for less than $15 and am considering buying it again electronically, but I’ll wait until the price goes down a bit (because I have the nook and the prices vary – this particular title is still on the pricey side).

  2. Tess
    Tess says:

    April, ah, you might have figured out why the Kindle price is so low — the ebook releases for both Hannah’s and Johansen’s books seem to be delayed until a few months after the hardcover releases. Michael Palmer’s, though, appears to be purchasable as a Kindle at the same time as the hardcover release. It’s all so confusing.

  3. april
    april says:

    I suspect there will be a bit of confusion for the next couple of years as the eReaders take off and the industry plays catch up to the growth vs. projected growth. As always, consumers will pay the price until it all regulates itself.

  4. Liddiara
    Liddiara says:

    Current price of paperbacks in Australia is between $US18 to $US32. This is expensive for us & puts paperbacks in the luxury or treat category. Much of our book purchasing goes on at 2nd hand or charity shops & libraries are v popular. Some of the price is the “book tax” (Federal).But does anyone know why a Coben is $10 in Uk & $US20 here. A 1300pp book was $22Aust & this is OK. But why?Is it a plot to make Aussies illiterate? I’d really like to know.

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