A mental health break

Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately, but a family tragedy has kept my mind on other things.  Sometimes, life has a way of reminding you that there’s nothing more important than being with the ones you love.  More later.

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  1. Joshua James
    Joshua James says:

    I’m very sorry for your family tragedy . . . my thoughts are with you and yours . . . take care.

  2. Rose-Marie
    Rose-Marie says:

    Tess — I’m quite sure I’m not alone among your fans when I say that to think of us at such a time is very, very kind of you. Thank you, and take care.

  3. Vanessa F
    Vanessa F says:

    I lost a family member about 5 weeks ago this Saturday. It’s awful. My thoughts are with you.

  4. SassyDevil
    SassyDevil says:

    I’m sorry you’ve been going through this. I wish you and your family well.

    I’m also sorry to hear about your loss, Vanessa.

  5. newfanJudy
    newfanJudy says:

    I just read 6 of your books this week,Tess and now am starting the latest M. club. I was anxious to go to your website. Sorry for your sadness and wish you the best.

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