A Lei and a haircut

For twelve years, I lived in Hawaii. Some would say I was insane to move to Maine (especially when it’s 12 degrees here this morning), but I was driven off the islands by a terrible case of “rock fever,” which made me feel marooned and isolated from the rest of the world. I’ve never regretted my move to the mainland. But I must admit, on cold winter days like this one, I do think longingly of Hawaii.

So when a family wedding last week beckoned me back to the islands, I was happy to return.

My husband and I met up with Hawaii friends and drove around to all our old haunts: the Honolulu Zoo, the North Shore, Kailua Beach, and the amazing Foster Botanical Garden where the trees are so weird and huge that you feel you’ve walked into an alien jungle. I got a haircut. We ate all my favorite foods: saimin, butterfish in miso, Portuguese sausage and eggs, kailua pig, lau lau, and of course tons and tons of papaya. (Ono!) And I was so happy to find a replacement CD for the one I lost years ago, with the recording of what I think is the most beautiful Hawaiian song ever written: “Ku’u home o Kahaluu,” written and performed by Olomana.

Finally, there was the wedding, held beachside at Waialae, where I got to hang out with my aunts.

They’re both a real hoot — never sitting still for more than a few seconds, and full of jokes. I only hope I’m as zippy when I’m their age.

But now I’m home in Maine, which is actually a good thing. Hawaii is so beautiful, it’s distracting. It takes frigid weather outside to make me focus on writing the next book!

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  1. tuttle
    tuttle says:

    Sounds like you had a fun time

    I’m in Cleveland and we’re having our first snowfall today and I am longing for San Diego actually.

    But since that’s a ways off still, there are words to write….

  2. ebenezerearl
    ebenezerearl says:

    All I can say is “wow” to the haircut!
    Cold it is, even for Maine. And I understand we’re going to see sub-zero temps!

  3. therese
    therese says:

    That’s a sassy, stylish and great look for you!

    There’s nothing like a family wedding, I love them, even though it means going to Cleveland. Thanks for sharing the picture of your aunts. I had a pair like them.

    I appreciate Hawaii is there, during winter here, and not too far of a trip from Portland, Oregon. If we had friends and family there, I’m sure we’d visit more often.

  4. Mary Duncan
    Mary Duncan says:

    Glad you’re back, Tess, and great haircut!

    I understand about distractions. I live across the street from Eggemoggin Reach. It’s beautiful. However, my office is in the back of the house with a very small window looking out over a field. There’s no way someone with ADD would get any writing done with a waterview. Anything moves, my eyes automatically sense it and lock on. A bit like a cat watching a fly. Hawaii would be a really big fly. Plus the weather; warm and sunny. I guess that’s why there are so many writers in Maine. Too cold and miserable to do much of anything else! Good thing, huh?

    Hope to see you soon.


  5. Abe
    Abe says:

    Hi Tess,

    Love the haircut, but one thing. You’re not supposed to be prettier than the bride. Nice to have you back.


  6. wendy roberts
    wendy roberts says:

    On this cold winter morning I think I could somehow suffer through trying to write in Hawaii. Sure the sound of the surf might be distracting, but somehow I’d push on 😉

    Love the new look!

  7. PackingPadre
    PackingPadre says:

    February in England is going to be no blessing when it comes to weather, but it certainly will beat Maine this January. Hawaii on the other hand puts both to shame.


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