Gravity lawsuit update

On Thursday, my attorney Glen Kulik filed our amended complaint. A day later, the news appeared in the Hollywood Reporter, which helpfully posted the entire 25-page complaint on their site. If you’re a lawyer or a budding lawyer, you may find the document interesting. It explains in detail the reason why I am suing, why […]

Where I write and what’s in my office

An interview with the Boston Globe.

The Sad State of Legal Journalism

Attorney Justin Jacobson (who has absolutely nothing to do with my case) blogs about the glaring errors perpetuated by major news outlets regarding the Gravity Lawsuit. UK Guardian comes in for a particular whack on the head for journalistic malpractice: “Which leads me to the third, and most distressing, factor: poor reporting. The headline on […]

The difference between “breach of contract” and “copyright infringement”

Thanks to my Gravity lawsuit, I’ve been getting a smash course in the law, and one concept that seems to generate a lot of confusion for lay people is the difference between a “breach of contract” and “copyright infringement” lawsuit. Before this happened to me, I didn’t know the difference between the two. I’ve never […]

My GRAVITY lawsuit and how it affects every writer who sells to Hollywood

Yesterday, the court granted Warner Bros’s motion to dismiss my lawsuit against them. While Warner Bros crows victory, the judge has in fact left the door open for me to pursue my claim, allowing my legal team twenty days to revise our complaint and address the single issue of concern: the corporate relationship between Warner […]


Many of you have expressed an interest in my position on the film Gravity, whose story bears a strong similarity to the story of my novel Gravity. For my response, please see the following press release, issued on April 30, 2014.

The evolution of a writer

Those of you who are familiar with the grit and gore of my crime novels may be surprised to discover my secret past … as a romance author. I was first introduced to romances while I was working as a doctor, a high-stress job where, too often, I dealt with loss and grief-stricken families. At […]

Adventures in Farming

How does a farmer take a vacation? He asks his parents to take over the farm. That’s how my husband and I found ourselves playing organic farmers for two weeks. Every day, at sunrise and sunset, we feed and water cows, sheep, goats, chickens, and guinea fowl. We collect, sort, and package eggs. On a […]

The City of Eternal Spring

During this holiday season, I’ve been thinking about my Mom. About all the things she’s missed seeing since she passed away last year, most of all the birth of our first grandchild. How she would have adored little Levina! This past April, the Wall Street Journal published my article about bringing my mother’s ashes back […]

The circle of life

I first met Michael Palmer in 1999, but in truth I’d known about his kindness and generosity since 1996, when he gave my debut medical thriller HARVEST an amazing blurb. At our first meeting, I was overwhelmed by his happy exuberance and his larger-than-life personality. I’m a quiet Aspergian type; Michael was hands-on and affectionate. […]

#TessTourIndy Roundup

Thanks to everyone who attended #tesstourindy live and in person – it was an incredibly memorable experience for me and I hope to do a tour like this again – and everyone who followed the tour virtually on my blog and social media. Below is a digital recap of the tour, highlighting some of that […]

Library Tour wrap-up

I’ve spent the last few days at home resting and reflecting on my time on the road. Here are the final numbers from my tour: Days traveling (including RT air travel from Maine): 18 Days driving: 16 Miles driven: 1700 Libraries visited: 23 Total # people who came to see me: 1800 But those are […]

Day Fourteen

After a night in Louisville, we had a big chunk of free time today before the evening event, so we headed for just the sort of destination I love: Marengo Cave, about forty minutes west of Lousville, in Indiana. Caves have always attracted me, and if it weren’t for a bum shoulder, I wouldn’t mind […]

Day Thirteen

My belt is getting tight. After two weeks on the road, I’m afraid to step on a scale, and my breakfast this morning at the Tuggle’s Folly B&B in Rising Sun certainly didn’t help matters. Innkeepers Dean and Debbie cooked up the most lavish breakfast yet — ham and jalapeño omelets, homemade biscuits, fried peaches, […]

Days Eleven/Twelve

After a second restful night at the comfortable Brookville Inn, it was on to the town of Aurora, on the Ohio River. We had plenty of free time since the event wasn’t until the evening, so right after we checked into the cozy Herman Leive House, we visited the Hillforest Mansion, home of wealthy industrialist […]

Brookville Tour

After a scrumptious breakfast at the Brookville Inn on Main Street where Hubby and I are staying for two nights, we’re off for a day of adventure with our hosts from the library. They’ve got a jam-packed itinerary, and have even reserved a bus for our trip. Library genealogy expert and historian Julie Schlesselman supplies […]

Day Ten

With no daytime event today, we spent the morning exploring a bit more of Columbus, known as the “Athens of the Prairie” and for good reason. The architecture really is impressive, and much of the town’s good fortune is due to the success of Cummins Inc, a business that was started by a local chauffeur/mechanic […]

Day Nine

Today we start off in the birthplace of John Mellencamp — the town of Seymour, where the sidewalk is decorated with a plaque in his honor. Kneeling at the plaque honoring local hero John Mellencamp. Becky Brewer, head of Information Services at Jackson County Public Library, meets us at the local American Legion Hall, where […]

Day Eight

First stop of the day: Mooresville Public Library, where Meghan Adams, the library’s Adult Program Coordinator, shows me into a room where tables are set with lovely teapots and platters of goodies. And to top it off, there’s an elaborate display of medical equipment to set the scene: an antique gurney, x-ray light box, doctor’s […]